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Dec 28, 2006 08:50 PM

Brunch fort lauderdale/miami/Palm Beach

We've done the Rusty Pelican and River House.
Need something new and different.
Preferably with free flowing mimosas!
Would appreciate all inputs

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  1. Had a great christmas eve brunch at ritz in south beach- nice setting, lots of delicious choices and we kept them busy with the mimosa pouring! i think they do brunch every sunday.

    1. The Biltmore is well known for their incredible brunch....

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        Last time I was there it was really bad. I hope it was just an off day.

      2. The Biltmore in Coral Gables is great for SUnday Brunch, Grand Bay aslo has a very good one-slightly more upscale, Ive read about a place on South Beach near Opa on Washington? thats supp to be very good esp. bakery items.