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Dec 28, 2006 08:16 PM

John's Italian Food, on Baldwin

I've heard great things, anyone been? Good for pizza?

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  1. i have a bizarre addiction to their penne illa vodka. i don't know how accurate it is to it's name but perhaps it's the incredible saltiness of the proscuitto that wins me over each time.

    i can't speak for the pizza although they do like to have a bit of fun and serve it up on the platter.

    not bad, but not completely rave worthy.

    1. I had a bad experience with their pasta with Italian sausage & tomato sauce which was the special the day I ate there. Haven't been back since. But I haven't tried their pizza.

      1. Decent but not great pizza. I would probably wait until the summer and enjoy the patio, that's the main draw of the place for me.

        1. very uninspired food, lackadaisical service, but a great patio for a drink in summer.

          1. You might want to consider trying Cafe La Gaffe, also on Baldwin. They seem to serve mainly Italian, and have good pizza. My visits there have been great and I've heard others say the same, although I've always sat on the patio in the past, so I can't speak for the interior experience.