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Dec 28, 2006 08:08 PM

Whole Foods is coming to Glastonbury and Darien, CT

I heard the Glastonbury/Whole Foods rumor which intrigued me since I live nearby. I checked the Whole Foods website and they are opening in Darien and Glastonbury with no set opening dates. Now if only Trader Joe's would open in Glastonbury I would have more options without crossing the river!

Has anyone heard where in Glastonbury they are going?

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  1. i also hear they are coming to northern fairfield county..possibly brookfield, rumor only at this point...

    1. they're going to take over the shaw's supermarket in that weird plaza

        1. Yeap - they are locating in the Fox Run Mall where Shaw's use to be. This has been rumored for a couple of years. The plaza is being rehabbed and the market is the first to be redone. Should be ready in a couple of months. Hopefully by summer. Interesting to note about the Fox Run Mall, when it was built it was considered to be "very fashionable". Sort of the Somerset Square of its day. It wasn't just a strip of store set in a sea of asphalt like what was built before that. It had landscaping in front of it and in islands in the parking lot. Plus it had a mini-mall. I remember reading about it in Architecturual Record (a magazine for Architects). Very ahead of its time for the early 70's. Now of course the architecture looks tired and dated, but I still think that the landscaping makes it look nice. We will see how well the new remodel looks. Jay