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Dec 28, 2006 08:08 PM

Russian chocolate

Anyone know where to buy it? I live in Glendale.

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  1. There used to be a great Russian chocolate store in the minimall with Zankou chicken, I don't know if they moved or went out of business. I saw quite a bit at Jon's market.

    1. There's a russian market next to the Red Square restaurant in encino (in the same minimall) -- it probably has russian chocolate (it has Russian everything else -- like jams, alcohol, and a russian bakery).

      Red Square is at
      17209 Ventura Boulevard
      Encino, CA 91316

      otherwise, try the internet!

      1. I assume you mean the giant Russian assortments given as New Year's gifts? If so, go to Karabagh Market one block west of Victory and Woodman in Van Nuys. As you enter, stop, turn right, look up. Another possibility would be Olive Marketplace on Oxnard and Bellaire.

        1. There is a little market on Los Feliz--on the same side of the street as an Indian Market and across the street from the big COSTCO parking lot that sells Russian chocolate bars. Sorry I can't remember the name of the market.

          1. Also at the corner of hillhurst and (oops, I can't remember, Franklin?) next to Tosa Express (which is 1906 hillhurst) in Silverlake, there is a little market that has bins of those little russian chocolates that are individually wrapped and sold in bulk. Each chocolate type has a different picture: squirrel picture is my favorite, has walnuts.