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Dec 28, 2006 07:45 PM

Who is taking over for Seth @ Cosmos? [MSP]

As I assume everyone knows by now, Seth Bixby's last day at Cosmos was December 14th.

Does anyone have the scoop on who might be interviewing for this covetable job at the Graves? Andrew Zimmern made a half-hearted speculation in Stewart Woodman in the above article, but after the less than...good meals I had at Five, I can't say that prospect sounds delightful.

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  1. we went to Cosmos on Seth's last day - only to find out he had left that afternoon, thus wasn't at the kitchen that evening (sigh). So we talked to Håkan, Seth's sous-chef and loyal right-hand (he cooked with Seth to the James Beard House dinner, etc) and to Adel (sommelier?) and they say that "the Graves will take their time to find someone worthy of filling Seth's spot - no one has been identified so far". I wasn't impressed with Steward Woodman either (but i never ate at the "fancy" side of Five), and he seems to be leaving some ruffled feathers where he works, so i'm not sure the Graves will trust him with the amount of events/ corporate partners/ etc that Cosmos hosts every week.

    1. Any idea if Håkan is filling in the Exec spot for the time being? We have a large group of friends staying at the Graves next month for a bachelorette party and they have a rez @ Cosmos.

      I trust Håkan to carry the torch and would not hesitate having them keep that reservation were that the case.

      1. If you've dined @ Cosmos previously, there is about a 5% chance that Seth prepared your food, plus nobody's leaving, so keep your reservations. The Graves definitely want a chef with a big name & a national reputation who can help promote the place and move it beyond the HUGE shadow of Seth. They have a lot to offer as they are opening hotels in CHI & NYC within the next 2 years & the next Exec Chef will have a big hand in what they do there. If it was going to be Stuart Woodman, it would have happened by I can only imagine that it's someone from another market, because the qualified big names here by-and-large own their own places. I wonder if that glamour-puss TV Star Zimmern could still find his knives!?!?!

        1. Rumor has it Stephen Trojahn has the gig. Unconfirmed at this point, but wow that was fast.

          1. Now that the cat's out of the bag...the word is that Stephen Trojahn (Club 21 in NYC, lotsa Ritz-Carltons) will be starting on Jan 8.