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Dec 28, 2006 07:38 PM

Soft polenta

Does anyone have a foolproof recipe for soft creamy polenta.

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  1. I have to ask my Roman Nonna but I think the key is stirring your hand off and copious amount of butter and parmesano. Could be wrong though.

    1. Search this site for "no-stir polenta." Based on a Paula Wolfert recipe, this baked polenta is easy, delicious, and truly fool-proof.

      1. The recipe in Barbara Kafka's Microwave is foolproof and delicious

        1. The Zuni method works great--v high ratio of water to cornmeal (4:1 if I remember correctly; use coarse grind such as Bob's Red Mill), not to much stirring, can be held in a double boiler (or jerry-rigged stand-in) for hours.

          1. I second the microwave motion. Someone gave me the Kafka Microwave method years ago.

            Since I like my polenta thick I use 3 cups of water to 1 cup of cornmeal (the inexpensive stuff in a 2 pound bag). Mix the water and cornmeal in a ceramic vessel. Set the nuker on high and nuke of 6 minutes. Stir, and nuke for an additional 6 minutes. Pour hot polenta into a 8" by 12" by 2" ceramic or glass baking dish and let it set up.

            This stuff needs flavor help. I add diced onion and chopped bell pepper plus a healthy dose of Italian seasoning (you know...that mixture of 6 herbs) before nuking.

            You can bake or fry cut squares of the stuff. You can cover it with sugo di pomodori (tomato sauce...not gravy).

            If you want a less stiff polenta, use 4 cups of liquid instead of 3.

            My non-Italian palate requires some flavor with this bland cornmeal mush.