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Dec 28, 2006 07:22 PM

Jenn Air stoves

I'm looking at buying a JA slide-in gas range, in a pro-style finish (with stainless details, large knobs, heavy grates.) Does anyone have experience with these, or the brand's stoves in general?

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  1. We have the Jenn Air with the downdraft in the center for venting and interchangeable pop in burners that can be switched for a stove-top grill. If this is one you're considering, DON'T!!!!

    This stove sucks, both literally and figuratively. The downdraft sucks all the heat away from the burners. So badly that water will not boil even at full heat. The stove takes a long time to light and sometimes requires the use of a lighter.

    The grill insert is a joke. We used it once to grill chicken and never used it again. It doesn't get hot enough and it was an awful mess to clean up.

    Finally, the quality of the stainless steel is poor, which makes it very difficult to keep clean and look well polished.

    I will say, however, that the oven is quite good. It's very accurate and lets no heat escape.

    Please don't buy this stove. You'll thank me.

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      Oh yeah, the oven timer mechanism is on the front so if you lean against it you're looking at a $500 repair.

    2. Do NOT get any kind of a downdraft exhaust system!!! I had a Thermadore and it, too, sucked. This is such a bad idea, I'm surprised it's still around. Find a showroom with a working model and watch the exhaust suck the flames sideways out of the burners: You won't be tempted, once you've seen it.

      1. When we built a new house in Dallas that was the stove that was part of the deal. Within a year it was GONE. JA is awful, stay away from it as there are so many better ones. Agree with everyone else, the downdraft system blows, terrible.

        1. Re: Down draft We have a microwave mounted over the stove ducted out, so the downdraft system is useless.

          1. Good people, I've heard of the downdraft model, and I have STEERED CLEAR of it in the showrooms. Thanks for the warnings.

            The one I'm looking at is all gas with four burners up top, including a large one for wok cooking (1600btus or something.)

            Should I even consider ceran-top? A friend has a kitchen aid and she sez it heats up well.