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Dec 28, 2006 07:22 PM

FREE - Far from Ordinary Wine Guide 2005-06 by Doug Frost MW MS and Wines from Spain USA

Haven't seen the 120-page book yet myself, but the Spanish wine buyer from a local retailer tells me it's quite good. And, the price is right, complimentary from Wines from Spain.

US residents only

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  1. Thanks for the info. Spanish reds are one of my favorite types of wine. I find them to be among the best values on the shelf. I am retired and work part time for a wine retailer. One of the benefits is that I can buy at just over cost. I still find myself buying Spanish garnachas at well under $10.

    Tres Picos
    Las Rocas
    Garnacha de Fuego

    All favorites of mine.

    1. Melanie, thanks for the heads up, I just ordered mine!
      However, 2005-06 sounds like leftovers from previous editions, since current guides all carry the 2007 label on the covers.
      Anyways, it's a free horse ...

      1. A very good book except it leads one into trying and drinking all sorts of Spanish wines.

        And when listing favorite Spanish wines, I have to add:

        Castano Monastrell from Yecla
        Juan Gil Jumilla (also a Monastrel)