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Dec 28, 2006 07:19 PM

How do you say "pork butt" en espanol??

I'd like to make the Red-Cooked Pork from this site this week when my boyfriend's sister is in town. But I live in Ajijic and often don't recognise the names of the meat in the grocery. Sure, I *should* be able to recognise it...but...what if I don't? Wonder if anyone knows how to ask the butcher for this- literal translation could end up in a lot of potential trouble. Or at least some askance glances...;-)

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  1. What you want is *maciza*--pronounced mah-SEE-sah. Maciza is boneless. If you want bone-in, ask for *pierna*--pee-AIR-nah--con hueso--kohn WAY-soh.

    Mexican cuts of meat, both pork and beef, are often different from US cuts--they look different and they have very different names. Uses of the cuts are also frequently very different.