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Dec 28, 2006 07:10 PM

Lunch in Novato! Boca Closed - Suggestions?

We are looking for a great Novato lunch find! Boca is the obvious choice but will be closed. I am eager for other suggestions.
Thank you!

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  1. Whew, I thought you meant that Boca had closed for good!

    For good comfort food, you may want to take a look at Ricky's.

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    1. re: Civil Bear

      Boca is closed for new year through friday the 5th. Darn!

    2. Try "Kitchen" on Grant street.

      1. That pretty much exhausts the best of Novato.

        Ricky's is less crowded; has fresh Moylan's beer from the brewery across the highway. Best for beer drinkers.

        The Wild Fox is usually crowded and if Matthew (exec chef) is there chow's usually good. After much attendance, this restaurant is looking somewhat tatty.

        Neither buys top drawer raw material - don't expect a top drawer munch. Do expect OK to good chow at somewhat elevated prices.

        Kitchen can be very good, or on par with the others. Expect the highest $$ in Novato.

        Skip Finnigan's until they get thier culinary act together, though lemon caper chicken's been tasty and tender.

        If you're thirsty for beer, Moylan's has anything in town seriously, grossly outgunned. Excellent beer - chow elsewhere for better than so-so eats. When I do order, I get a Chile Relleno.

        Ricky's has only a few of the many Moylan's brews, and doesn't have Celt's Golden Ale, my personal favorite, and occasionally transcendent of this reality.

        Boca: Had mighty tasty mesquite grilled prawns on a stick and calimari with a good, not ketchup based sauce this evening. Calimari, to my delight, was NOT overdone! But haven't found their beef to be as good as the pleasant decor.

        I'm interested to know where you go and what you think....

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        1. re: Waterboy

          I really appreciate your suggestions. I think that we will either end up at WildFox or...if the weather is nice and traffic fast, we'll scoot over to Sonoma.

        2. The original comment has been removed