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Dec 28, 2006 07:09 PM

Vegas Eats - Hound Coming for the CES Show - Dinner $35 Excluding Tax & Tip???

Looking for hound approved places during the CES event.
Any type of cuisine....Chinese, Mexican, Ethiopian, Thai, Basque, Mongolian etc.......

This year the company I work for is being a stickler for sticking to our dinner per diem of $35.00 excluding tax & tip.....

We will have a car, so places off the strip are fine.....

Looking for places that accept reservations, so as to avoid any problems.....but if it's a good place that is usually not too crowded please let me know...

Thanks in advance!!!!

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    1. Lotus of Siam, search this board for details.

      1. Can't go wrong with either of the above. You'll need a couple of hours to do Rosemary's with the drive time (but it is absolutely positively worth it).

        You mentioned Mex in your list, so I will recommend either Bonito or Lindo Michoacan. They're both about equidistant from the strip...on Decatur and Desert Inn respectively. Huge menu from which to choose and it's all good.

        1. We've eaten at an Ethipian place in Vegas recommended by an Ethiopian blackjack dealer several times. I thought it was good, but not the best I've ever had. It's in a strip mall--not at all fancy. It was cheap. On all three occassions we ate there we were the only non Ethipians, and it wasn't very crowded.

          Meskerem 252 Convention Center Drive 732-4250

          1. If you like Indian food, you can't go wrong with India Palace on Twain/Paradise...try the papadums along with the Korma and the Peas Pualo w/ the raisins, almonds and is yummy!