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Dec 28, 2006 07:01 PM

Your favorite way to use pumpkin seeds?

I like to add them to choc chip cookies; they lend a nice crunch and wonderful side note to the flavor. Plus the health benefits.

And of course in trail mix.

Would love to hear about savory uses. Do they hold us to very moist dishes, or are they best added as a garnish at the last minute?

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  1. I deep fried that for a very short time in high temperature, then fix them with either honey or caramel.

    The deep frying makes it super crunchy yet light (if you do it correctly). It's a combination of sweet and savory taste.

    However, I am sure after doing all these it is not really "healthy" anymore. But you will still go to heaven =P

    1. savory applications... I love pepitas - mexican pumpkin seeds. There are great applications using pumpkin seeds in mexican cooking - looks for pipian sauce and you'll find great recipes.

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        Great Garnish for Mole Verde.

        The Japanese make many diverse pasta sauces- I am going to try out an pureed edamame sauce and black sesame paste sauce. This thread has spurred me to experiment with pepitas, perhaps similar to pesto - subbing for pine nuts.

        1. re: kare_raisu

          ooh. a pipian pesto. that sounds really intriguing... great idea I'd never thought about. would love to hear how you'd think you'd go about doing it.

          1. re: adamclyde

            Maybe I could make fideos - fry the vermicelli and add the broth. I could then add the tomato sauce with a little bit of some well-moartered pepitas and salt or do an entire pepita-based fideos.

            1. re: adamclyde

              I've a recipe around somewhere that does this -- use cilantro and a green chile instead of the usual basil or parsley combo along with a neutral oil. Spicy, southwestern pesto-styled sauce.

        2. Hi toodie_jane,

          Just think of two dishes that you can use pumpkin seeds:

          1. Sole/Flounder (or any fish) fillet crusted with pumpkins seed - this is derived from the familiar pistachio-crusted fish fillet. Simply grind the pumpkin seeds and use it as a coating for marinated fish fillet of your choice

          2. Chinese lettuce wrap with minced chicken (or squab) - A common appetizer in Chinese restaurants. Simply stir fry minced chicken (the more authentic version is with minced squab meat)with vegetables and pumpkin seeds.

          It is served with lettuce (usually smaller pieces that shaped like a "cup") and eat in a do-it-yourself style by scooping the stir-fry to the lettuce and eat everything together.

          The original version is with pine nuts, but I don't see why you can't do it with pumpkin seeds!


          1. i like to roast mine with cubed bacon, pancetta, or guanciale and whole sage leaves. I use it as a topping for a pumpkin risotto. But my friends often it eat by the handful and call it "savory trail mix."

            1. As a coating for soft cheese (aka cheese ball)
              I often substitute pumpkin seeds for pine nuts, sunflower seeds in recipes.
              Ground in a coffee mill I add them to yogurt.