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Dec 28, 2006 06:51 PM

Christchurch - great Indian food- Himalayas

On our first night in Christchurch, we got a late start to find a place to eat. As we wandered up Coloumbo St., many restaurants were either closed or closing. We passed Himalayas by as my husband is not a big fan of Indian food. After exhausting our options, we returned to find that they were closing up. Seeing us at the door, they reopened and invited us in. Were we ever glad they did. The food was fantastic. I had the Lamb Masala and my friends had similar dishes that were good for sharing. What a treat to find such flavourful food along with very welcoming and attentive service so late in the evening. The owner came out as we finished up and we showered him with compliments. My husband, having now experienced really good Indian food, is now a convert.

Definitely a great find if you are looking for very good Indian food.

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