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Dec 28, 2006 06:46 PM

Phoenix Tomorrow Night

Sorry for the last minute post, but fellow Chowhounders haven't failed me thus far. I need some recs for some solid chow in Phoenix tomorrow 12/29.

Here's my preferences:

Middle to upscale
French, American, Italian (that really narrows it down)
Fun or Funky
Hotel Dinning Room or other.

Probably staying at The Boulders so I expect we'll to have to travel a bit.

Anyone eaten in the Dinning Room at The Boulders?
Thanks for all.


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  1. You are in luck. I love Phoenix restaurants:

    Here are a few with Web sites:

    1. Cowboy Ciao Amazing food and wine. Great vibe in the restaurant. A drive from the boulders. Call and maker reservations for sure.
    2. Any Fox Restaurant Concept. Green House is all organic California style food, North laid back pizza and pasta AMAZINE food, Bloom also american great place for a bigger group, the Tuna Tartar is AMAZING!! Sauce is counter service but great Pizza and Olive and Ivy is a new. Not sure but I have heard rave reviews.
    3. Chelseas Kitchen - Also American style cusines. Great tacos and fried chicken (I know but it is great).
    4. Daniels - Romantic but devine Italian (i'm from NY too) 4225 E Camelback Rd Phoenix, AZ 85018 (602) 952-1522
    5.AZ88 - great food (sandwhiches, burgers and salads) but UBER hip setting very artsy and funky. Best drink in town hands down! The Web site does it NO justice.

    Hope those help!! I'm a foodie that LOVES a great atmosphere so you will get all of the above with my suggestions.

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    1. re: beephoenix

      Completely, totally, utterly disagree with AZ88; stay as far away as you can. The food I've had ranged from average to inedible, and the bartenders absolutely sucked like nowhere else. The Sazerac they made (on their feature drinks menu) was way too sweet, and the martini they made was lukewarm. Eew. Like much of downtown Scottsdale, AZ88 for me was all sizzle, no steak.

      1. re: JK Grence the Cosmic Jester

        Sorry the AZ88 didn't go over well for you.... I still stand by my recomendation. Have never had bad food there (used to work next door at the James and ate there almost nightly) I eat there a few times every month. It is low key food but I always wind up having a blast there with my friends and family. Great people watching.

    2. a few reccomendations near the Boulders:

      1.)Binkley's in Cave Creek. Go for the tasting menu....

      you won't be disappointed

      2.) Sassi
      A beautiful restaurant, a wonderful Italian menu and ambiance

      3.) Mosaic

      Eclectic, innovative , great menu

      4.) Tonto Bar and Grill and Cartwrights...same ownership.
      Creative American/Southwest cuisine. Great ambiance and food

      1. You should definately try Roaring Fork. I haven't been there since Robert McGrath left, but it's always been one of my favorites.

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        1. re: ajs228

          Roaring Fork is great. Just had dinner there last night. They have a half off bar menu (different from main dinning room) during happy hour. You need reservations this time of year!

        2. As I said, "Chowhounder's have yet to fail me" so the streak continues.

          Thanks so much from a Los Angeles Hound.

          1. There happens to be a story in today's paper re. the Boulders.
            Sounds like you can just stay in and eat very well.