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Dec 28, 2006 06:41 PM

Need a great restaurant in Prescott AZ ANY suggestions?

I'm going to Prescott for a cozy weekend away and going to hit up some of the fun bars in that town. I'll be with a group of 4 couples and they ALL love food. ALL kinds of food. We need a restaurant suggestion that will keep all the foodies in the group happy. Cost doesn't really matter, neither does style of food. Just trying to get a bearing on the food scene in Prescott. Hopefully there is one!! Thanks. Happy New Year

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    1. murphy's has excellent steak.

      1. Don't crucify me for saying this, BUT....

        There's just something about the Golden Corral there in Prescott that puts it well ahead of the ones here in Phoenix. The owner's attention to detail? Their suppliers? Either way, I can't imagine anyone being disappointed there.

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          Interesting. I used to see Golden Corrals a lot when I lived in North Carolina briefly, but I don't think I've ever seen one in Arizona. Who knows? Maybe I'll give the Prescott one a try since I get up there frequently.

          1. re: silverbear

            My parents just moved to Prescott and love the Golden Corral. We dined there for breakfast one morning. I do not like buffets, but it was pretty decent. My dad loves the bananna pudding dessert.

            1. re: Kari

              Thanks all for the great reviews!

              We didn't get a change to go to Golden Corral. But i will 100% go the next time. It was my first time in Prescott. What a cute town. Love the fun old bars, stores and town square. Great jaunt out of Phoenix.

              We did eat right on Whisky Row at this corner bistro and I must say it was really great. Had lunch and the chipolte mayo on a chicken sandwhich was great. Also very clean inside. Grabbed apps at a sports bar named The Office. Not so great. Good wings, slow and odd service...I'll try the Corral next time. Love a good steak.

              Thanks again!

              Happy New Year.

        2. I saw your post and started wishing I was there. It's been 10 years so I know thing have changed alot. But our favorites were Gurley Street Grill (I remember a bbq chicken pizza), Murphy's Restaurant (steak and mashed potatoes), El Chapparal (tortilla soup), and Willow Creek Inn (steak, I think). We also went to the Mining Company (something pork was good) once or twice.