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Dec 28, 2006 06:15 PM

Need Reco for Foodie New Year's Eve in MSP

Anyone know of any great foodie events happening on New Years Eve in the Twin Cities? Other than just going out for a great meal, do you know of any food-centered events or over-the-top special menus happening? I think I'm going to pass on seeing Vic Volare at the Landmark Center.

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  1. I think Nicollet Island Inn has a special 5 course meal for $55.

    Cosmos might have a special 5 course meal too.

    1. Vincent has a special New Year's Eve dinner. I did this two years ago, and it was fabulous. (I still have the menu on my fridge, and it makes me swoon every time I look at it.)

      This year's menu for the first seating ($55) looks great, but the second seating ($89) looks completely over the top - I'd go for this one!


      1. Jenny,
        the Kitchen @ Chambers is having a great event - but the restaurant is sold out =( Try Cosmos - Seth is no logen there, but HÃ¥kan is and the food is still excellent! Call and see if they plan on something special. Solera has a big ad for their bash "New Year's eve in Heaven" - DJs, dance, fire dancing, aerial shows, and other performances. Dinner package is $115 for "9 course tapas tasting & wine". I doubt it that they will create special dishes for the occasion - it seems to be more about the pirotecnics than the food. My advice - somewhere like Cosmos for food and the Chambers bar for their big party & ice bar.

        1. Last year I did the New Year's Eve tasting menu at W.A. Frost. It was a lot of fun, and with a semi last minute reservation they even seated us by a fireplace. The food and wine were both memorable and made for a relaxed and enjoyable evening.