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Dec 28, 2006 06:15 PM

PDX Top Five Dish 2006

The Ultimate Restaurant lists got me thinking of a listy thing we did last year.

What are your top 5 favorite dishes you've tasted this year? By "dish" I mean menu item, so could be appetizer, entree, dessert, fancy drink, artisan condiment, whatever.

I think Nick did something like this last year.

for example

1. Chickpea fries, Park Kitchen
2. Reuben sandwich, Valentine's
--- etc

I am still figuring mine out.

I am not planning to compile these, this is not official Chowhound business, you are under no obligation, no salesman will call, all sales are final, this is not an offer in any state where such an offer would be prohibited...

I just want to know what all your favorites are.


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  1. I don't think I could put them in any particular order but,
    1)Camarones enchilados with black beans (Pambiche)
    2)Grilled beef shoulder (a special at Nuestra Cocina)
    3)Handmade tortillas and salsas (Autentica)
    4)Khao Man Som Tam (Pok Pok)
    5)Falafel (Karam)

    I can't believe it took me so long to try Karam's falafel sandwich. But it was the best falafel I've had in P-town. The first dish isn't new to this year, but it was the first thing to pop into my head as the one dish I couldn't imagine not ever having again.

    1. In no particular order, just random musings...

      1. Honey,apricot, bacon cornbread "amazing" (Le Pigeon)
      2. Warm cauliflower-blue cheese panacotta with vermouth-poached oysters and caviar. "lovely combination of flavors and textures"(Carlyle)
      3. French onion soup "simple, classic, and perfect" (Fenouil)
      4. Roasted squash soup with chestnuts and seared foie gras. "Extremely rich, but in a good way!"(ASOBG)
      5. Maple-glazed Pork belly "BLT". "I ate pork belly all over the map this year, but this was my fave" (Carlyle)

      Honorable Mention:

      Kobe Beef Tartar "not new, but I love it" (Paley's)

      1. 1. pork belly BLT @ Carlyle
        2. honey/apricot cornbread with maple ice cream and bacon @ Le Pigeon
        3. tie: pork osso bucco @ Carlyle/guanciale & clam white pizza @ Apizza Scholls
        4. tie: lobster roll @ Simpatica/crab and apsaragus strata @ Simpatica
        5. tie: spinach agnolotti w/fontina @ Alba Osteria/penne carbonara @ Tabla

        Sorry for the ties, five just isn't enough!! ;o)

        If I had more slots, I'd also add:

        -persimmon creme caramel @ Carlyle

        -amaebi, yellowtail, fried softshell crab & salmon cheeks (4 separate things, not a plate) @ Murata

        -leek empanadas @ Pambiche (server suggested I try them instead of the potato cheese ones I usually get, and now I am hooked!)

        1. In no particular order:
          Hot Chocolate @ Sahagun Chocolate
          Green Papaya Salad @ Pok Pok
          Margherita Pizza @ Ken's Artisan
          Lox & Bagel Plate @ Ken & Zuke's Deli
          Tempura @ Hakatamon

          1. we just moved to portland last june from orange county and have been amazed at the restaurants in pdx. as a rule we stay away from national chains and big box restaurants so we have activley sought out the local good eats. my listings are only on the east side due to proximity to home. someday we will venture over to the west side.

            in no special order:

            1. onion rings at salvador molly's
            2. tandoori beef at vindalhoo
            3. winter pillow at equinox
            4. margerhita pizza at apizza scholls
            5. sizzling tofu at the bay leaf

            also, mojitos at the doug fir.