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Dec 28, 2006 05:56 PM

Help deciding between Rendezvous, Troquet, Salts, EVOO

We finally got a sitter and are eagerly anticipating a nice night out w/o the toddler. Originally we were going with Craigie (been there before) but they are not open on Monday. Then we thought about going to Neptune (and old pre baby haunt), but wife is pregnant again so no raw oysters and no drinking! Have also been to L'Espalier, Clio, No.9. But a little too pretentious for us. I understand Troquet is often lumped with them but are willing to give it a try if it is worth it. So our other choices are narrowed to Rendezvous, Troquet, Salts, EVOO. Haven't been to any of them - any thoughts?

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  1. You could get that deal and a half tasting menu at Evoo on a weeknight, worth checking out. They're all good.

    1. //Then we thought about going to Neptune (and old pre baby haunt), but wife is pregnant again...//

      Must be all those oysters! :)

      Out of all the places you mentioned, I'd go with Salts, especially if you haven't been before. Rendezvous would be my second choice from your picks.

      1. I like Troquet a lot; but they're also closed Mondays.

        1. I'd second EVOO. It's one of my favorite restaurants in the entire area. The tasting menu is a good deal---they usually slip in an extra plate in there.

          1. Oh darn! I just called Salts and EVOO. They are all closed on the 1st of January. Oh well - I guess Rendezvous it is.

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              Well, as third choices go, it's a real good one. I think you'll like the food a lot.