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Dec 28, 2006 05:52 PM

Risotto in Seattle

I have really been having a yen for Risotto lately. When it's great, it's great. When it's not, it's somewhat of a disaster. I like it simple, and I like it a little soupy, personally. I've searched the NW board on Risotto, and found scattered posts, but many of them were at least a year old. What are your favorite restaurants for Risotto?

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  1. I've had some very nice risotto at the Pink Door.

    1. Try Barolo - downtown - 6th and Westlake.

      1. I love to make risotto, so I rarely order it from restaurants, but when I do, I like Il Terazzo Carmine's at 411 1st Ave South near King. That said, their version is not what I would consider "a little soupy" - so it may not be prepared as you prefer. They have one risotto special each day - it is a staple on their menu. Great wine list, too. They are open for lunch weekdays and dinner Mon-Sat.

        1. second vote for il terrazo - a wonderful place...

          risotto "a little soupy" (i, too, like it that way) is difficult to achieve as the rice continues to absorb the broth and eventually overcooks. try ordering some broth on the side and adding it in small increments to your plate. by the end of your meal, the broth will be cold and the rice rather pasty but the first half will be "soupy" and delicious.

          that being said, i had a superb risotto al funghi at il bistro (pike place market) last week that arrived soupy but, of course, ended rather more dryly. what with the company and the pinot grigio, i did not much care by that point...

          1. I don't think I've ever had great risotto in a restaurant. It's not a dish that can be cooked to order and even the best restaurants pre-cook most of the dish. Bill Buford has a nice description of this in "Heat." So if you love risotto that might be a dish to work on at home.

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              sorry to be difficult, but this is a dish that can ONLY be cooked
              to order - just be aware that any restaurant that does not take a
              minimum of 20 minutes to make an order (marcella hazen insists it
              is 18 minutes) is, indeed, cheating by precooking.