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Dec 28, 2006 05:44 PM

Where in sf to pick up an antipasto platter on short notice?

A little help please! Does anyone know where I can place an order for an antipasto platter on short notice? Anywhere between Candlestick and Novato would be great!

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    1. Most major groceries do appetizer trays. Call a Safeway, Whole foods, they probably can make something up pretty quick. Costco also does appetizer trays.

      1. i would also call Lucca Deli and/or Molinari's in SF. They won't be cheap, but you'll get high quality meats, cheeses, olives and contorni.

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        1. re: sfoperalover

          Does Lucca do platters? I've never seen one there.

          Molinari's a pretty serious detour.

        2. AG Ferrari. They have several locations in SF but I mostly go to the one on California Street in Laurel Village. Excellent quality food and they only need 24 hours notice for trays of any type.

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          1. re: dleutza

            And there's a Ferrari in Corte Madera's Town Center, just off 101 -- park by McDonald's and walk past it into the food court area. AGF's straight ahead.

          2. I picked one up at Costco last week. Really pretty good. Not italian deli material, but better than grocery store.