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Where in sf to pick up an antipasto platter on short notice?

A little help please! Does anyone know where I can place an order for an antipasto platter on short notice? Anywhere between Candlestick and Novato would be great!

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    1. Most major groceries do appetizer trays. Call a Safeway, Whole foods, they probably can make something up pretty quick. Costco also does appetizer trays.

      1. i would also call Lucca Deli and/or Molinari's in SF. They won't be cheap, but you'll get high quality meats, cheeses, olives and contorni.

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          Does Lucca do platters? I've never seen one there.

          Molinari's a pretty serious detour.

        2. AG Ferrari. They have several locations in SF but I mostly go to the one on California Street in Laurel Village. Excellent quality food and they only need 24 hours notice for trays of any type.

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            And there's a Ferrari in Corte Madera's Town Center, just off 101 -- park by McDonald's and walk past it into the food court area. AGF's straight ahead.

          2. I picked one up at Costco last week. Really pretty good. Not italian deli material, but better than grocery store.

            1. Lucca has done a platter for me. The poster gave a wide geographic range for pickup - between Candlestick and Novato, so Molinari's is *not* a serious detour given their parameters. Why not focus on the topic rather than nitpicking replies?

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                Street traffic and finding parking in North Beach could add half an hour to an hour to the trip, depending on time of day. That's not nitpicking.

              2. Thank you all for your help. I ended up going with Lucca's Ravioli Co. on Valencia. Great service, tasty meats (& artichoke hearts & olives), and good prices...and their own parking lot to boot!

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                  Mmm great choice I miss Lucca's. We have Genova Delicatessen & Ravioli on Telegraph over here in the EB. I don't know it's just not "old school" I guess. To their credit the Genova number 9 wow what a great sandwich!

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                    Genova used to be old-school, but the old-school Italian guys who made it so retired.

                2. glad that Lucca treated you well. I find them consistently reliable and friendly there.

                  1. I have to admit I still love the spinach ricotta ravioli with their pesto on a busy work night. Super quick and easy Italian comfort food.