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Dec 28, 2006 05:33 PM

Lunch today Dec 28, currently in West midtown

Well- I am bored - I have been on chowhound all day - the office is dead so I think I am going to treat myself to an extended lunch and then call it a day. My office is at 40th and 6th - any recommendations on a place where I can treat myself without going overboard.

Requirements :

#1 - I would rather it be somewhere in midtown since I live on the east side near the UN.

#2 - It would be affordable - $25 or less before a glass of vino

#3 - not Szechuan Gourmet - I love it and eat there all of the time

#4 - It will feel like a treat

The clock is ticking - all suggestions are appreciated.

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  1. I'm blanking on any great suggestions but I work a few blocks away and just returned from the local salad place and want to warn you that it will take a long time to get anywhere as the neighborhood is overrun with tourists - this year is much worse than years past. The only place I can think of that is remotely different and interesting but not too expensive is Yum Thai on 44th and 6th, but I think you want a bit nicer than that. Good luck!

    1. Go for the lunch buffet at Utsav Indian, 46th or so and 6th Avenue.
      Wonderful food, pleasant setting, and reasonable: about $14-15.

      1. so where did you end up going? i was thinking of Whym on 57th and 9th. It's fabulous. for future reference.

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          I ended up at one of my favorites - the barroom at the Modern. I ended up meeting a friend that worked around the corner. We split a tarte flambee and then I had poached egg in a jar with lobster and salsify. It was great. I will check out Whym next time. Thanks for the suggestion.