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Best 2006 chowhound tips while traveling

I value this site especially while traveling and can get good food tips from local hounds. This year my travel was down, but two places that stood out were Smokejacks in Burlington VT, Embassy Samosa King and B&B Roti and the Blue City Hall chip truck in Toronto. Smokejacks is good quality new American using local ingredients with outdoor seating that allowed us to eat with our dog. Embassy Samosa King is a terrific suburban samosa place with samosas at 5 for a dollar! B&B Roti had excellent goat roti Guyanese style. The Chip truck has a superior french fries with gravy and chees curd (Poutine). All delicious and outstanding and thanks to dear chowhounds. Are there any tips this year that you've been thankful for?

Happy new year to all and blessed eating in 2007.

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  1. This website is always used as a resource when planning a vacation or even a business trip. My wife and I now really enjoy discovering new to us local places and cuisines we can't get here at home. We actually plan our days out to include dining at specific places, it becomes part of the vacation plans. Much more fun for us than randomly picking a new restaurant in a new city and hoping for the best.

    I also love using Chouwhound when on a business trip. Having a new and excitin place to eat at the end of a long drive makes the trip much less painful.

    1. I discovered this website when I was put in charge of finding our dinner restaurants for our trip to New York with my husband's parents in November. All three recommendations were stellar and it increased our enjoyment of Manhattan tremendously.

      1. From Chowhound, I discovered Lao Lan Xang, a fantastic Laoation restaurant in Madison, Wisconsin. Not only did I have a great meal there last Sat. night, I learned that their 2nd location was actually opened for dinner on Christmas Eve...possibly the ONLY place in town, as far as I could tell, including the bars.

        Otherwise, I think my MIL would have let us have some of the leftover wreath-shaped sub sandwich from the supermarket.

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          Danna - me, too! We have no Laotian places at all in Chicago, and to find one so good in Mad City was a blessing, indeed. I've been there twice in 2006, and I'm due for another trip very soon.

        2. We got many good tips for London dining in October. The only bad meal was our own fault and we had been warned that they only did basics and not well. It was a case of being really tired and not wanting to exert much effort.

          1. Local Dallas Chowhounds made a recent trip to Texas memorable. Chowhound is also great for discovering local places--especially those off the beaten path. When in Dallas, go to Sammy's for BBQ and Manny's for Tex-Mex. Both terrific.

            1. We had the best pizza I've had in ages (my own homemade included) at Amelio's in Montreal, and I will soon try the blue chip truck in Toronto!

              1. Citizen Cupcake in San Francisco, the Marshall Store and Club Mallard in Albany are a few of the great tips we got for San Francisco. Looking forward to trying some of the Palm Springs tips next week.
                Also, House without a Key and Ted's Bakery on Oahu.

                1. Chowhounds rock!

                  This was a year of long distance meal planning events for me and I truly don't know how I would have succeeded as well as I did, without the help of my fellow chowhounds.

                  From my laptop here in LA, I planned a post funeral lunch for 20 in Colt's Neck, NJ (ICavallini) where we were handled with tender loving care and beautiful food, a high school graduation dinner for 10 in Boston (Hammersly's Bistro-YAHOO!), a last minute 'impress the potential client' lunch for 8 in Chicago (Gibson's) as well as many, many good eats ideas from the Home Cooking board. I must add, that all events were crowd pleasers.

                  I feel the beauty of this site lies in its sense of community.

                  1. Anything posted by Steve on the DC board.

                    Finally made it to CF Folks and had the best crab cake in DC.

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                      Aw, Dennis, thanks for the kind words. I actually got the crabcake tip from Marty L, so I can't take credit for that one. But that's what makes Chowhound great, these tips get passed around and shared for all to enjoy.

                      Happy Holidays!

                    2. You know, for a city as large as Los Angeles, even though it's still my "local" food board, I still have to travel over an hour sometimes to get to some of the destinations. I certainly would be lost in my neighborhood rut without it.

                      My tip: Use the search field. ;)

                      1. Yes, there've been many! I travel to ca. 3 conferences a year, and my favorite extracurricular activity is hunting down the good chow. Since I'm vegetarian, my hunting is a little more 'particular' than it would be for most. Got some great recommendations for a summer conference in NOLA and also some good tips for a fall conference in Anchorage (Moose's Tooth = wonderful pizza!).

                        It's also been instrumental locally, especially since I'm a recent transplant to the region. Finally, at long last, found a good Chinese restaurant here in Wilmington (Shanghai) that I never would have learned about otherwise, which has vastly improved the quality of my chow-ish life. Also for keeping up with the Philly scene -- I don't get to splurge for dining there much, but when I do, it's good to know a bit about what I'm up to beforehand.

                        1. My sincere gratitude and thanks go out to chowhound every time I eat a wonderful dumpling at Moon Palace in Chicago. I am now also the "go to" girl at work whenever someone is going somewhere--they always swear that I somehow know the great place wherever they may be going! Thanks chowhound.