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Dec 28, 2006 04:47 PM

apartment size kitchen range or cooktop for a small galley kitchen in the Back Bay

I love to cook but have a 24inch GE stove in an apt size kitchen. I'd like a better stove .Maybe I could go up to a 30 inch size,. Does anyone know of any manufacturers (perhaps European as apts are prevalent there)which make a good smaller size stove or cooktop and oven insert. I plan to put in a new countertop and back splash so now is the time to purchase a new range . Can any one advise me or direct me to some place where I can get some advice.? I don't want to spend a fortune on a total kitchen redo. However, if I need to hire a kitchen designer to help me I will. Thank you for any advice.

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  1. Do you just want a cooktop, or a complete oven? I happen to like the Wolf brand, and actually have a small (23") Wolf oven in my North End apartment. Here's some info from the Wolf website (scroll down a bit for the pertinent info):

    If you want a cooktop, try here:

    1. I found Yale Electric in Dot to be intimidating and the prices to be rigidly high.

      I found a 30 inch, DCS gas 5 burner (center one does 17,500 BTUs) at Doyon's in reading, MA. see link for store:

      it was a deal because it was floor model but the attitude there was very friendly, people were knowledgable and not pushy. You may want to go so far as to ask for Walter who helped us. It is very important that you don't work with someone who seems like they want to steamroll you into buying something. It's too expensive and vital a purchase to go too far too fast.

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        I bought all my appliances from Walter at Doyon's. Nice guy, great service and honest.

      2. I had a complete kitchen re-do in a Cambridge condo (I actually moved from a 30' stove to a 24' as I wanted to gain more counter space.) I like to cook, but could neither afford/justify Wolf, Subzero, Bosch et. al. for the amount that I do cook... (Will have to wait for an actual house for that...)

        I worked with Sozio appliances in Cambridge near Fresh Pond. Sozio has a decent selection of Summit and Avanti stoves that are designed for apartments, and they are not very hard sale. They tell you what will fit/work and leave it at that. Summit products are made in the US and are copies of various European designs. (Summit also does low-profile refrigerators.) Avanti stoves are reasonably priced and are manufactured in Italy.

        1. I love my little (I think ~24") O'Keefe and Merritt stove. I got it for about $250, plus took some major cleaning and a visit from someone to help get it hooked up safely. I love the look and love the way it cooks. Don't know if you have a gas hookup, though.

          1. The issue for you is that if the burners on the range go much beyond 12,000 BTU each, you will need a vent hood that vents outside. If you have that, or you want to put it in, your range of options increases quite a bit. Look for the BTU rating of the burners to make comparisons between ranges.