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Best Rest. in Bklyn 2006: Jolie

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Been there twice this fall and have been very happy. this year i have been to 360, (the place by the original boullibase guy on Carrol, by the BQE), bacchus, downtown atlantic, farm on adderly; some have gone considerably down hill others are still very serviceable and good but I think Jolie outshines them.

was never impressed by Blue Ribbon or Saul;

none of these are chow destinations per se...(i.e.: unique enough to warrant a trip but are all very good restaurants)

ok - I will be waiting - asbestos gloves and everything

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  1. I think Jolie is okay but it's not even on my top 10 in Bklyn. And, of all those you listed, Downtown Atlantic & 360 are, although not 1-10, better (in my opinion and with the caveat that Saul's probably should be but I just havent had good times there). River Cafe, Henry's End, al di la, Queen, Chestnut, Tempo, Garden Cafe, Noodle Pudding, Convivium & Lugers are my top 10 & I think are all far better than Jolie.

    Jolie wouldnt rate higher than so many other Bklyn places that are good, such as 5 Front, Sette, Stone Park, Frankie's, Lunetta, iCi....

    edited to add: I forgot Applewood. I didnt forget my one meal at Porchetta... it'll take awhile to do that and return.

    1. you cite some venerable favorites; I still think the jolie does the whole "Restaurant" thing very well (like Saul does - but puts me to sleep.) N.P. gets quite the beating on these boards at time (I love it) but it is noisy and crazy (no res., etc.) same w/al di la; convivium I havent been to in a number of years - but never hesitate to reccomend.

      As I was citing 'this year' I was thinking of newer places as well, but didn't reallly state that...

      thanks for the reply and will try some of yr faves.

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        I just wanted to say that I like Jolie too, at least for lunch. (I work nearby in downtown Brooklyn.) I've taken a lot of people there from my office, and they have always liked it too. I'm not saying it's the BEST restaurant in Brooklyn, but I think it's better than most people on this board give it credit for.

      2. Two restaurants not mentioned that I would recommend on any top 10 list are Applewood in P.S. and The Good Fork in Redhook. Also, I had a great meal at Porchetta- so keep your eyes on that newbie.

        I was a weekly regular at Sette when Amanda Freitag was cooking there but haven't been back since she left this summer to go to Gusto in the Village. I saw a delivery menu in my apartment building lobby recently from Sette - what's up with that?

        1. What about Tanoreen, El Nuevo Cibao ,Ba Xuyen, Pho Tay Ho?
          La Ascuncion?

          1. With all respects, I'd have a hard time nominating a restaurant I've been to twice as " Best of" in any borough. I'm with Steve R. Jolie doesnt even make my Top Brooklyn 10.

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            1. re: Larry Brooks

              actually i have been a total of 3 times since they opened... i think the first time was a month ater they opened.

              flame on!

            2. I like Jolie in the summer when you can sit in the garden and linger over a bottle of wine (what a wonderful garden!), but I didn't find the food very memorable the two times I've been there. Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but Jolie isn't exactly new -- I think it's been around since at least early '05.

              I'd nominate Porchetta for best new place, with Lucalli's a close second. Other delicious standbys are 360, Paninoteca, Applewood, Saul and Frankie's.

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              1. re: oolah

                Porchetta- 06
                Lucallis- 06
                Frankies - 06
                360-05 (?)
                Applewood- 05 (?)
                Saul- LONG TIME! NOt a new place by any means

                1. re: Larry Brooks

                  Sorry, didn't mean to make it sound like those others were new -- I just meant they're my faves. I think Frankie's might be from '05 too.

                  For this year, I stand by Porchetta and Lucalli's.

              2. I actually think Jolie was fall '04/winter '05 at earliest. Most restaurants go belly up in 3 yrs I think and a good proportion don't make the 1st yr.

                360 is at least from '04 if not earlier..

                Porchetta seems to be an exciting litmus test on these boards.

                (actually this whole experiment is turning out wonderfully, I now have a list of new-ish restaurants to try in Bklyn - 'insert evil laugh here')

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                1. re: fkerm

                  Nothing wrong with that. I pretty much figured you were trying to get some heat going. As I said, Jolie is okay by me but nothing I'd really recommend as a destination.

                  A couple of other asides:

                  As Jason says, Tanoreen is great & we've been going pretty regularly these days. I would actually recommend it over Jolie, come to think of it. Cibao (and Portal) have both gone downhill this year and I'm not happy about not having a good Latin take out around any more -- however, in the best of days, they wouldnt be top anything material; just satisfying take out. I stayed away from listing informal places as "best of Bklyn". Otherwise, DiFara would have been there and so would World Tong (for dim sum anyway).

                  1. re: Steve R

                    I have had a couple of pretty darn good meals at El Cibao recently,,, their red beans still rock, and their pernil is still heads and shoulders above most of the other places in the area..
                    I have the misfortune of living right near the Castillo de Jauga,, and
                    their terrible flavorless beans and dried out Pernil . yet I love that type of food so much i eat from there anyways when im too lazy to go to Smith and pick up my food.
                    What do you think has gone downhill at Cibao?
                    I also like their potato salad.. as strange as that sounds..