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Dec 28, 2006 04:36 PM

Best Rest. in Bklyn 2006: Jolie


Been there twice this fall and have been very happy. this year i have been to 360, (the place by the original boullibase guy on Carrol, by the BQE), bacchus, downtown atlantic, farm on adderly; some have gone considerably down hill others are still very serviceable and good but I think Jolie outshines them.

was never impressed by Blue Ribbon or Saul;

none of these are chow destinations per se...(i.e.: unique enough to warrant a trip but are all very good restaurants)

ok - I will be waiting - asbestos gloves and everything

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  1. I think Jolie is okay but it's not even on my top 10 in Bklyn. And, of all those you listed, Downtown Atlantic & 360 are, although not 1-10, better (in my opinion and with the caveat that Saul's probably should be but I just havent had good times there). River Cafe, Henry's End, al di la, Queen, Chestnut, Tempo, Garden Cafe, Noodle Pudding, Convivium & Lugers are my top 10 & I think are all far better than Jolie.

    Jolie wouldnt rate higher than so many other Bklyn places that are good, such as 5 Front, Sette, Stone Park, Frankie's, Lunetta, iCi....

    edited to add: I forgot Applewood. I didnt forget my one meal at Porchetta... it'll take awhile to do that and return.

    1. you cite some venerable favorites; I still think the jolie does the whole "Restaurant" thing very well (like Saul does - but puts me to sleep.) N.P. gets quite the beating on these boards at time (I love it) but it is noisy and crazy (no res., etc.) same w/al di la; convivium I havent been to in a number of years - but never hesitate to reccomend.

      As I was citing 'this year' I was thinking of newer places as well, but didn't reallly state that...

      thanks for the reply and will try some of yr faves.

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      1. re: fkerm

        I just wanted to say that I like Jolie too, at least for lunch. (I work nearby in downtown Brooklyn.) I've taken a lot of people there from my office, and they have always liked it too. I'm not saying it's the BEST restaurant in Brooklyn, but I think it's better than most people on this board give it credit for.

      2. Two restaurants not mentioned that I would recommend on any top 10 list are Applewood in P.S. and The Good Fork in Redhook. Also, I had a great meal at Porchetta- so keep your eyes on that newbie.

        I was a weekly regular at Sette when Amanda Freitag was cooking there but haven't been back since she left this summer to go to Gusto in the Village. I saw a delivery menu in my apartment building lobby recently from Sette - what's up with that?

        1. What about Tanoreen, El Nuevo Cibao ,Ba Xuyen, Pho Tay Ho?
          La Ascuncion?

          1. With all respects, I'd have a hard time nominating a restaurant I've been to twice as " Best of" in any borough. I'm with Steve R. Jolie doesnt even make my Top Brooklyn 10.

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            1. re: Larry Brooks

              actually i have been a total of 3 times since they opened... i think the first time was a month ater they opened.

              flame on!