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Dec 28, 2006 04:12 PM

Where is Chef Sandro cooking

Does any nbody know wher Chef Sandro (maybe fiorentino) is cooking...used to be at table 12 and Sandro' his pasta and am suffering from withdrawal.


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  1. I believe Sandro Fioriti is chef-partner at Il Valentino.

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    1. re: livetotravel

      Have you eaten there and is it any good ...thanks for the info!

    2. Just spoke to IlValentino Sanro left he has to be harder to live with than my 3rd wife.

      1. how sad... let me know if you hear anything else and thanks again.

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        1. re: platman

          Just in case you have missed it, he has been cooking at his eponymous restaurant at 306 East 81st street for about two years now.

          1. re: demo5

            And, his cooking there is superb.

            1. re: MMRuth

              I agree! Just moved to the UES in June, and Sandro's quickly became my favorite local restaurant. The Dow Jones Pasta Special is a fabulous deal. M-F, from 4:30-6:30, you can order any pasta on the menu for a price equivalent to that day's closing DJIA. Basically, it's about $10 for a pasta that typically goes for about $20. And what pasta! The amatriciana is addictive.

              1. re: ml77

                I want to try the amatriciana - so far I've not weaned myself off the spaghetti al limone.

                1. re: MMRuth

                  I've had both, equally delish. But am loving the Dow Jones special! Am long overdue for a visit.

                  1. re: jinglejangle

                    I should also mention the service, which has been uniformly excellent. For example, I went on my B day this summer, and reserved the table outside. Unfortunately, there was a light mist falling when we arrived. Nevertheless, we wanted to try it and hoped that the skies wouldn't open up until later. Of course, we only lasted about 20 mins before it began to pour. We grabbed our food and ran inside. Despite the aggravations this caused the staff, they never betrayed any annoyance at our request.

                    The other day, I stopped in for the pasta special. At first, I was told that I could not have my beloved amatriciana because Sandro had just arrived and the sauce was not made. I told them that I'd be willing to wait if it took awhile to make the dish, but that I'd love to have it if possible. Giovanni took my request to Sandro, who graciously agreed to go ahead.

                    The space is small and gets fairly loud when full. But I'll keep heading back for the great service and delicious authentic Italian (Sandro grew up in Rome) food.

                2. re: ml77

                  the dow jones special is great - but you MUST MUST try the lemon pasta - sounds YEECH - tastes like heaven - delicate and delicious and for once I didnt' get that but tried his special pasta of the evening - his true italian bolognese - no tomato - what an ethereal delight that was

                  great place