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Dec 28, 2006 03:59 PM

Chocolate Sources on Staten Island?

Is there a store or stores on Staten Island, where I can get Scharffenberger, Guittard, Callebaut chocolate products? (Sorry if my spelling is off on any or all of these brand names.)

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  1. If Trader Joe's is on the Island, that's your best bet for better chocolate.

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    1. re: Mike R.

      Unfortunately, no such luck. Does anyone else have any leads, please?

    2. I think you might have to travel into Jersey or to (Shudder!) Brooklyn for the quality brands of chocolate you mentioned.
      Sometimes, it's just easier to order over the Internet. By the time you take the cost of tolls and gas into consideration,
      it probably more than pays for the shipping.
      World Wide Chocolate might be helpful.
      If i come across a Staten Island location, I'll post it here.

      1. there are a few local chocolatiers, who may not have fancy packaging and fancy marketing to satisfy the commodity fetishists out there. one chocolate maker ( http://superiorchocolatier.safeshoppe... ) grinds the beans himself, much to the bemusment of Jacques Torres claiming to be the first to do so in NYC. there's a factory showroom with some really kitcshy pices (50 pound chocolate crucified jesus for passover, anyone?) also, tastebuds, a healthfood store at 1807 Hylan, has a selection of a few organic/fairtrade options for conscientious chocoholics. and i would suspect that callebaut and varhona can be bought at fancy schmancy alcohol/gifty shops, while one could score some finds, such as cluizel, at the clouseout chain marshalls.

        1. superior chocolate has been in the chocolate business forever and through the years has manufactured and packed chocolate for quite a few familiar names besides their own.

          1. Just as a followup...
            I happened to be driving through a parking lot earlier today, and caught a glimpse of a neon sign that said, "Gourmet Chocolates," I guess that could mean just about anything, especially out here, :-} but it might be worth a look.
            It had the word "Buds" in the name It's in the Foodtown Shopping Center on Clarke and Amboy Aves next to Richmond Liquors ( I know: Could I be less helpful?)
            You have to cut me a little slack on this. It was get the whole name or plow into a bunch of pedestrians.
            I thought I made the smart choice...
            As for Superior Chocolates... I find it anything but...