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Dec 28, 2006 03:26 PM

Asian soup

I've been trying to find some different Asian soups -- something other than the standard Chinese triumvirate of Egg Drop/Wonton/Hot and Sour or simple miso soup. I really love Thai and Vietnamese soups, but I've tried all of the local ones now and I'm looking to branch out (I'm in Chelsea).

Any recommendations on other Asian soups, preferrably spicy?



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  1. have you tried the Chelsea Market on 9th ave and 15th, 16th street? If I remember correctly there was a Thai place in there for take out and delivery.

    1. Spicy Lime and Coconut Curry soup with chicken at Republic - Union Square

      1. Thai and Vietnamese soups tend to be spicy. You're in the right place(s) for spicy. Venture out to Queens if you can. The Chinese can satisfy your craving for spicy as well.



        1. I can't think of a spicier Asian soup than Korea's Yuk Gae Jan, which contains strands of beef, noodles, other stuff. My favorite bowl is at Flushing's Farrington Restaurant, a cabby diner on the corner of Farrington and 35th, I believe. It never fails to clear my sinuses. You can find it, though, at just about any Korean restaurant in the city, but I recommend that you go somewhere in Flushing or Murray Hill.

          You'll also want to try a bowl of Aksam Lasa, a spicy noodle soup that, I believe, is a traditional breakfast food. You can get a good bowl of it at Skyway, on Allen Street in Manhattan's Chinatown, as well as any number of other places in Manhattan, Flushing and Elmhurst. (I also had a pretty good bowl of it at a place - I can't remember the name - on Mulberry between Bayard and Canal, not far from Chanoodle (Somebody help me out here).

          Chao Thai, on Whitney Avenue in Elmhurst, serves up what I've been told is an authentic bowl of Tom Yum soup. Either way, it's good. I also like the version at Arunee, on 82nd I believe, right off of Roosevelt in Jackson Heights.

          Enjoy. P.

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            The name of the soup is Assam Laksa. You can have it for breakfast, but traditionally, it's not only a breakfast food, I don't think. Then again, it's really Penang-style laksa (each Malaysian state and some other parts of the region have their own type of laksa), and I don't know what the tradition is in Penang.

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              I think champon (a seafood soup) is spicier than yuk kae jang, though this can vary from place to place.

              You can also try prawn mee - a Malay / Indo noodle soup.

            2. Sentosa, on Prince St, in Flushing, serves two versions of Tom Yum soup, one about $6.00, the other about $9.00. They both are large bowls, the second one contains additional ingredients and has another name which I don't recall.They are both spicy and wonderfully flavored.