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Dec 28, 2006 03:22 PM

FUN places to eat with a group

So, any Fun places to eat with a group? Doesn't matter where but looking for a larger place..

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    1. I like OTTO - as well it is perfect. One of the places that I like to go with a group - for the margaritas not the food is Tortilla flats - I think they take a couple of reservations a night for the big tables in back, and they will expand them.

      1. wats ur definition of fun here ? a large palce? price? wat kind of location?

        1. I have to concur with Otto. I was there recently with a large family group and everyone had a great experience. Crispo also has a private alcove for groups of 8-12.

          1. I was in Cafe Espanol on Carmine for Christmas, as I had no family in town, and had a really nice time. I was surprised at how lively the place was considering it was Christmas. I had been there once before and had a nice meal with a group of about 8. We all loved the sangria. The atmosphere was really nice, the food was very good. Standouts were the garlic shrimp appetizer, the croquetas. Crispo is also a very nice place. Standout is definitely the carobanara. Lives up to its hype.