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Strong Margaritas

Any fun bar with Strong margaritas that won't kill my wallet?

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  1. Suenos has fantastic margaritas, although I'd have to say the atmosphere isn't totally fun. Go for Happy Hour (5:00-7:00), they're two for one.

      1. Maryann's. Oh, they kill me.

        1. The new Dos Caminos on Third Ave. I had one and was all done. The passion fruit margs here are delicious (on the rocks of course)!!! I think the drinks are 7 bucks.

          1. I just posted another note about this place on another thread - I like the Ulitmate margaritas on the rocks made with Sauza Hornitos at Tortilla flats. A pitcher is $48 but you probably get 6 margs out of it, and they taste great - not to sweet or tart - and they will knock you flat on your butt.

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              I was JUST about to suggest Tortilla Flats. You beat me to it, centrejack. Tortilla Flats and fun belong in the same sentence together. The food is pretty decent as well.

            2. El Rio Grande. Margaritas are $7 and they are very strong. Might as well try a plate of steak nachos while you're there too-huge chunks of steak, cooked to whatever temp you request.

              1. Oh, I also forgot to mention Rosa Mexicana's - very good AND strong.

                1. El Rio Grande's margaritas are lethal (but good). You'll be done after two, and rarely do people get through a third.

                  Also, I am a big fan of Great Jones Cafe for Margaritas. Get the house.

                  1. I had 2 1/2 Margaritas at El Rio Grande last Friday. Definitely feeling no pain at that point.

                    Excellent margaritas and food are to be had at Mi Cocina on Jane street.

                    1. El Cantinero on university place has the best frozen margaritas in the city and they don't cost much. If I remember correctly, they are 4$ in the upstairs lounge. The food is also good and won't break your budget.