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Dec 28, 2006 03:21 PM

Strong Margaritas

Any fun bar with Strong margaritas that won't kill my wallet?

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  1. Suenos has fantastic margaritas, although I'd have to say the atmosphere isn't totally fun. Go for Happy Hour (5:00-7:00), they're two for one.

      1. Maryann's. Oh, they kill me.

        1. The new Dos Caminos on Third Ave. I had one and was all done. The passion fruit margs here are delicious (on the rocks of course)!!! I think the drinks are 7 bucks.

          1. I just posted another note about this place on another thread - I like the Ulitmate margaritas on the rocks made with Sauza Hornitos at Tortilla flats. A pitcher is $48 but you probably get 6 margs out of it, and they taste great - not to sweet or tart - and they will knock you flat on your butt.

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              I was JUST about to suggest Tortilla Flats. You beat me to it, centrejack. Tortilla Flats and fun belong in the same sentence together. The food is pretty decent as well.