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Dec 28, 2006 02:57 PM

Dinner near Adams Morgan

My friend is turning 30 this weekend and we want to take him out to dinner for his birthday. He wants to go to the bar where he celebrated his 21st birthday for a drink after dinner.

Any recommendations for a restaurant in or near Adams Morgan for a nice birthday dinner?

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  1. I really love Little Fountain Cafe right on 18th street. It's very simple and good, though I'll openly say it's not the best restaurant in the city. They just prepare simple food in a great way.

    9 years ago and the first drink- I'm going to guess it was at Madam's Organ or Millie & Al's. :)

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      hey jpschust, re: first drink: don't forget dan's cafe, RIP,(with the blue pastel paint job), it was diveier than madam's organ. i did like cities back then on a weekday afternoon for cocktails, the entire front open to the street. perry's rooftop is still running strong. heaven/hell on 18th is still party central but great back then too.

    2. Cashion's Eat Place on Columbia is a neighborhood fav of mine and has a small but good bar there too and is arguably the best dining in adams morgan:

      The Little Fountain Cafe posted above is as described. it's darkly lit inside there so it's good for romantic dinners too.

      The Grill from Ipanema serves good brazilean food, especially grilled beef and pork and sausages. The decor is dark and sleek. And the bar is always full. It's located just south of Cashion's place on Columbia.

      1. I second Cashion's; the best place [IMHO] in Adams Morgan.

        1. Agree on Cashions - love the place. Would also throw La Forchette into the list of possibilities.