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Dec 28, 2006 02:55 PM

Cafe Barada

Has anyone tried Cafe Barada on Mass ave in north Cambridge? This is a Lebanese restaurant recommended to me by a Lebanese friend who says it is good. I just wanted to get a chowhound stamp of approval, and, no, I'm not confusing it with Baraka Cafe on Pearl st. Cambridge. Thanks everyone and happy hollandaise.

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  1. I happen to love this place. I've only had the falafel sandwich and the lentil soup. If you get the house salad, ask for light dressing as they tend to drown the lettuce.

    The falafel and hummus sandwich is the best in the area.

    1. Oh yes, it really is quite good. Forgive me, I don't have the menu nearby so I don't remember exactly, but I believe you can order an app that consists of baba, hummous, tabouleh, and ... one more thing. It's really fantastic, and I think any middle eastern place that presents these staples truly well is bound to be great. ;) They have seasonal stuff like pumpkin kibbeh which I had last time I was there, and wow - yum. Barada is totally worth checking out more than once so you can take a real tour of the menu.

      1. now i know where Barada moved to! I used to love it in Arlington but i moved and it left! and I am assuming it is the same place. Where is it exactly??We loved and craved it.. Especially the chickpea stew type meals. I think it was called maklouta and not served every day. And the hummus, felafel, baba ganoush etc were great. I have tried for years to find a recipe but never have seen anything like it. I hope it's still the same place. if so, you will like it Btw, is there any mideast food on the North shore???

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          Le Bistro in Marblehead has the standard basic items. The original owner, a Lebanese man, sold it a couple of years ago to locals, but I think the kitchen hasn't changed. I like the kofta kebab, which is nicely seasoned, and my husband is a felafel freak. I think their soups are homemade and good. It's been a while since we tried the mezze.

        2. "Where is it exactly??"

          2269 Mass. Ave. - the corner of Mass. Ave. and Dover St. in North Cambridge, on your right as you're driving towards Arlington. Across Mass. Ave. from the big Catholic church (St. John the Evangelist). In chowish coordinates: a block north of Pemberton Farms, roughly across from Foodland, just south of the future location of Capone Foods. :-)

          For some reason I've never tried Cafe Barada even though I live nearby - now I'll make a point of stopping in.

          1. Yes this place is the real McCoy, although slightly pricier than most MidEast restaurants. My BF is Israeli, and this is one of the few places we go to eat MidEastern that he enjoys and actually doesn't complain about any of the items!!