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Dec 28, 2006 02:53 PM

food delivery service for elderly parents

I'm looking for a delivery service that can deliver low salt, preferably kosher, dinners to my parents in Bayside. They don't qualify for Meals on Wheels yet.

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  1. If they have a serious/terminal illness, you might try God's Love We Deliver which hand delivers nutritious specialized diet meals ( To receive meals on wheels they must be 60 years or older and homebound such that they cannot shop for and prepare a nutritious meal on their own (in case you received some misinformation about how to qualify). There are no income requirements for the program. There are at least two programs serving Bayside including one run by the Visiting Nurse Service of NY. For more info Good luck!

    1. fresh direct has a big kosher section and plenty of prepared foods. worth a look... they deliver...

      1. Thank you hotdishandkimchi and frankbooth. I think the Fresh Direct may fill the bill on the days I can't go out there. My dad still drives (at 90!) so we don't qualify for meals on wheels.

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          I hope FD works out. I find it bizarre that they disqualify your parents because your dad drives. I've seen a number of MOW clients that are still able to drive and get around somewhat ok. Anyway, good luck to you!

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            I also hope Fresh Direct or some other commercial service works out, but have to note that Meals on Wheels is a not-for-profit which collects private contributions for their services based upon the premise that clients can't "get around somewhat OK", because if they can they can shop.

        2. Fresh Direct doesn't deliver everywhere. I just visited their website and checked--they DON'T deliver to 11359. If your folks have a different zip, well, good luck.

          1. I think you may be looking for the Take Out Connection. I order from their Forest Hills branch all the time, but they have a Bayside location, too. There's a $3.50 delivery charge and they have a kosher deli as one of their 13 restaurants. Check it out: