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Dec 28, 2006 02:44 PM

Gourmet grocery/good fish market in Fairfield, CT?

I am moving down to Fairfield on Saturday (ugh, so much packing to do!) and am spending a quiet new years eve in with my girlfriend. I have picked out a basic menu and would like to do some raw oysters as an app, and then a miso cod w/ mushrooms and risotto as the entree. However, I have no idea as to where to shop in the area, except for trader joe's. Any suggestions on a good quality fish market? (menu can be changed of course, thats just a general direction)

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  1. When I lived in Fairfield a few years back, this market was top notch:

    Garelick & Herbs
    1799 Post Rd E
    Westport, CT 06880
    (203) 254-3727

    1. Swenson's in monroe...its about a 20 minute drive fom fairfield, but call them i think thay have a location closer..excellent, and with notice they'll order for you...they are a clean, knowledgeable fishmonger...

      1. Swanson's Fish Market is on Black Rock Turnpike right in Fairfield.

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          thanks, i had a feeling they had another one closer, just didnt know it was that much that one as good as the other locale?

          1. re: fenway68

            The Swansons on Black Rock Turnpike is the original. The one in Monroe is a branch that Billy Swanson opened later on. They are very good and have been around for years. It is located at the corner of Black Rock Turnpike and Brookside Drive, across from the Sunoco station. Jay

          1. And if you're going to brave Black Rock Turnpike for the fish, you might as well stop in at Billy's Bakery for some bread. Or visit the A&S Fine Foods store which is just a bit south of Swanson's on BRT--you can get your risotto there.