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Dec 28, 2006 02:33 PM

Sunnyside Fresh Fruit (or any produce)

4 months into my time in Sunnyside and I've yet to find any spot that offers good fresh fruit or produce. Do you folks have any suggestions on where I can find some?

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  1. Easily the best I've found is Mother's on Greenpoint Avenue and 42nd Street, south side of the street near the Thai Restaurant and Sunny Pharmacy.

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    1. re: Up With Olives

      Now that Mother's is no longer, anyone with an update on Sunnsyide area produce? Southside (non-Gardens) preferred.

      1. re: Up With Olives

        mother's changed names, but everything in there is exactly the same? i think the employees are still the same also? i'm closer to the new mother's, so i still go there. on the weekends, i've been driving to super shop and shop on northern blvd for my fruit/veggie fix.

        1. re: Linda

          There's a new-ish market on Queens Blvd, I think it's at 46th, called Jonathan Fruit Market, or something like that. I've been twice and it's a cut above for the area.

          Re: The Super Stop and Shop:
          -Freshdirect has largely ended me ever going there over the last 18 months or so. I remember the produce being pretty unreliable, though not as bad as the checkout experience, which was routinely hideous.
          -Linda, are you checking out the greenmarket on Saturdays? If you're driving, it seems like it's worth it...

          1. re: Linda

            There are definitley new people at Mother's. They are very nice. But the produce is not what it was. A few weeks ago, I saw apples that were wrinkly. Still, it's better than most in the neighborhood. But I will try the new market on 46th & QB.

      2. met food on 43rd ave btwn 44th and 45th street has a decent sized produce section complete with a large organic section... for the neighborhood anyway...

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          Agreed. They expanded recently and seem to be making a real effort to have variety and good quality, including organic stuff. For all the standard produce (and some less common) it's fine.