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Dec 28, 2006 02:30 PM

Downtown/ Financial Area...So Sick of Everything

I've been working on Water Street & Maiden Lane for almost 8 years now and I am so bored and tired of the same old delis, pizza, and general food offerings. I'm having lunch with co-workers today and we're trying to figure out somewhere different to go. Recommendations for new places we might be missing would be appreciated. Keep in mind that if a restaurant, deli or general eating establishment has been around for 6 months or more, we've probably eaten there. But I'd be interested to hear about some Chowhound favorites and/or any brand new places in the area we might be missing. Sit down restaurant or take out...doesn't matter. No particular type of food preferred, just looking for something different and good. Though, sushi is not high on the list. Chinatown options not really feasible, as we only have 1 hour. Thanks!

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  1. Alfanoose, on Maiden Lane close by Broadway, is not new, but has wonderful Lebanese food--e.g. felafel, mujhadara, kebabs, and, as an occasional special, a lovely vegetarian stuffed cabbage in pomegranate sauce...

    Also not new, but very much worth knowing about, is Cafe Dioppo, on Broad/Beaver Street, which offers a large variety of soups each day, along with sandwiches. The prices are quite reasonable.

    Sophies on New Street has also been around; the Cuban food is not delicate, but can be quite satisfying.

    1. For future reference - City Hall is very nice, expensive. I concur with the above post - Alfanoose is absolutely wonderful, though complete opposite ends of the spectrum from City Hall. There are some lovely yet pricey lunch spots in World Financial with water views, such as PJ Clarkes.

      1. chowdiva, i'm in the same predicament most days and i've taken a different approach:

        koyzina on williams and cedar has terrific chicken rice soup. nothing else is good.

        alfanoose, as previously mentioned, is delicious but i can't eat there everyday, so i sometimes try bread & olive or sam's falafel (the cart in liberty plaza).

        the sandwich of the day at financier is usually good. sometimes i sit at the bar at adriennes have their lasagne (which is outstanding) cause they don't serve slices anymore and i'm usually by myself.

        for fantastic cheeseburgers, i love full shilling on pine and pearl. one of my favorite in the city.

        the soups at cafe doppio are usually pretty good.

        for cheap and quick thai, i usually just go to benny's (it's better than lemongrass).

        oh, and when the daisy may cart is out, i love their chili and brisket sandwiches.

        hope that helps a little.

        1. Chowdiva, these probably aren't new to you, but my rotation includes: Seh Ja Me on John St. for Korean (open for dinner, too); Diwaan E Khas (the one at Nassau and Maiden) for Indian; the big silver truck on Cedar and Broadway for chicken over rice; Klatch on Maiden for soup, quiche and, of course, espresso. I love Alfanoose, but the lines usually preclude a lunchtime vision for me.

          1. Where is the Daisy May cart located when it's around?
            Thanks for your responses and keep them coming if you will. We ended up trying that Italian place on John Street which used to be MJ Grill. The ambiance was pleasant and they offered a nice antipasta plate gratis. But after that, it was pretty much unremarkable. I ordered the ravioi with sage and brown butter which was just ravioli sitting in clarified butter...kind of gross. My friends also ordered ravioli dishes, the vegetable and seafood varieties. Both ok, but not worth the $20 a plate that they're charging. The food is way better at Rosario's.
            I think I'm going to hit Sophie's today. I miss the old location on Pearl Street.

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              The Daisy May Cart is located on Wall Street - somewhere in the middle.