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Dec 28, 2006 02:24 PM

wine store in Santa Monica

I'm traveling from the mid-west and need a good wine store in Santa Monica...near 1740 Ocean Ave. Suggestions?

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  1. Wine Expo on Santa Monica Blvd has numerous devotees. The place has many quirks (a huge selection of champagne and staff that like to compare the wines to Miles Davis trumpet solos and the like) and focuses heavily on Italian wines. But it is one of the best options in Santa Monica (and Brentwood and the Palisades).

    Wine Expo
    2933 Santa Monica Blvd

    1. If you have a car, head for Fireside cellars on Montana @ 14th for a great selection of West Coast wines. Or go to Wine Expo, 2933 Santa Monica Blvd. for a huge selection of Italian wines and massive amounts of Champagne.

      Walking, I would try Bay Cities Italian Market at 1517 Lincoln (about 6 blocks inland on Colorado ave, just north of your address.) They have a small but well focused selection. Kind of pricey.

      About a 1/4 mile south on Ocean is also a liquor store called Davy Jones' Locker which has a surprising selection of quality beer and I've picked up pretty decent wines on the run there.

        1. No doubt: Wine Expo at Santa Monica and Stanford

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            Oh I love Wine Expo as well.... hmmm barolo...

          2. If you're willing to drive a a little further, I'd check out the Wine House in West LA.

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              I would second this recommendation -- the Wine House on Cotner, near Olympic, is outstanding and I find them more helpful than Wine Expo.