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Dec 28, 2006 02:10 PM

Pittsburgh there anywhere that I can buy truffle butter?

I know this isn't a restaurant, but I need this for my party on sunday and don't have time to ship. Can you think of any gourmet stores in pittsburgh that would carry black truffle butter?


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  1. Give Whole foods a call as well as Penn Mac in the Strip district, McGinnis Sisters is a good bet also.

    You may also be able to order it from and have it shipped in time - be prepared to pay $$$ for the shipping though

    1. The Uncommon Market near South Hills Village might have it. I'd call before going.

      1. found it at whole foods. $8.99 for 2 oz. Thanks!

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          Thanks for calling back. Now we all know!

        2. Hello, I am a professional chef for 25 years. I have cooked all around the world.
          I make homemade truffle butter using only fresh cream to make the butter. I infuse the butter with truffles. I sell it to everyone. contact me at

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            Also available at the Market District Giant Eagle in Shadyside. By the charcuterie. Get the Nueske bacon while you're there!