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Restaurants in the Worcester Area

Just moved here. Need recommendations for good eats for a former Boston foodie.

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  1. There's a good story on Worcester and it's food-revival by Kathleen White in the newest edibleBoston. (It has a goat on the cover.)

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        I've seen it in Lionette's and possibly Clear Flour Bakery? You can also email the publisher (info@edibleboston.net) and ask her for a list of where to pick it up. It's free where you're able to find it in Boston, or by subscription for $28.

      1. Try Tinovo on Pearl street. The owner used to run Tiano's for quite a while. Good potential to be the spot to chow in Worcester.

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          Just went there a couple of weeks ago. Had an outstanding salmon and tableside Caesar......amazing atmosphere too! Highly recommend..

        2. Hi

          Although it isn't excatly in Worcester there is a place is Strubridge called Bin 479 which is located at 479 Main St that gets excellent reviews from a number of sources. It is in the fine dining category but it is a small place with nice atmosphere and very good food and also not too long a trek from Worcester.

          1. There are quite a few great locations:
            Dalat on Park Ave across from the Fire Station is a wonderful Vietnamese Restaurant - service is not great but the food is worth it as the portions are big and prices are more than reasonable
            Dinos Ristorante On Lord St (I believe) is a yummy italian restaurant family kind of atmosphere with great pizza and a great lunch buffet
            Ciao Bella on Gold Star Blvd is more of a take out but amazing Italian Foods, grinders and Pizza/Calzones plus really yummy desserts
            Cafe Dolche on Shrewsbury St for Dessert and Coffee
            Anthony's on Shrewsbury St and Rovezzis in the old factory at 108 Grove St for more formal Italian
            Sakura Tokoyo on Park Ave in Worc for Tepanaki and the one in White City in Shrewsbury for Sushi
            Zipango on Shrewsbury st for Sushi
            Wonderbar on Shrewsbury St for old School atmosphere and good greasy pizza
            Basically, just wander up and down Shrewsbury Street
            Of course on the higher end is the Sole Proprietor on Highland and the 111 Chop House on Shrewsbury by the same owners
            and Shorahs in Downtown Worcester for Italian
            Hope that helps you get started

            1. Thanks for all the help. More specifically, is there anything in Auburn?

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                You have my sympathaties about the lack of food options in Auburn. In five years I haven't found anything off exit 10. Worcester really isn't that far.

              2. The only places I know of in Auburn are the tradtional chains: Outback, chilis, applebees, 99 Pub, Picadilly Pub, Periwinkles (not a chain but same as the 99 and Picadilly) then selection of Pizza Joints.

                1. There's a long thread that "JP Chowhound" started when he/she moved to Worcester on the New England board from a month or so ago. Worc. things can be found more easily there.

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                      Just go on the New England board and search Worcester. I think the poster was JP Chowhound but not 100%. You'll see many suggestions if you type in Worcester in the search space on that board.

                  1. Had an amazing before Xmas client lunch at Sole Proprietor. I live in the Boston area & so my client in Worcester selected the location - I was very impressed, thought it was Boston quality at least.

                    1. Some more good recs:
                      El Basha for middle eastern. Make a meal of mezze.
                      Bamboo hut another good viet.
                      Across and down from Wholly Cannoli is Pampas bakery. Great Italian baked goods, more savory than sweet.
                      One Love Cafe on lower main st.
                      There is a good Banh Mi place on Millbury St.,
                      Bay State Bakery, Widdoffs and Weintraubs on Water St. for their specialties.
                      ASorry, Auburn is a wasteland.

                      1. A redeeming feature od Auburn is Ronnie's. Good fish and chips and chowder, in the drive-in mode, only May to October. Otherwise, yes, it is sadly a wasteland.

                        Some (perhaps) less-known delights of Woosta include Pupu Seria (Pleasant Street, Salvadoran) and Quan Yin (Hamilton Street, Chinese vegetarian takeout, enjoy the eggplant with basil sauce and the religious literature).

                        Worcester has GREAT middle eastern groceries, ad Ed Hyder's and at Bahnan's, both on Pleasant Street.

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                          Great info. I actually grew up there- here- and have great memories of the El Morocco Restaurant, if you ever heard of it.