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Best Pizza in the Fremont, Union City, Milpitas, ETC ETC Area

I've Found Mountain Mikes in Fremont, Or A another Italian Place in Milpitas can't rember the name......That was Good What are Your favorites?

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  1. In Fremont, my favorite place is SFO Pizza Bar and Grill. It's in the Raley's complex on Paseo Padre, near Mowry. It's next to Sweet Tomato's.

    It's a former Pizzeria Uno. Their deep dish is good. Their thin crust Pesto is amazing.

    1. Our favorite in Fremont is Pizza Depot, Grimmer Blvd and Auto Mall. We usually order Conductor pizza w/ pesto sauce, and / or Santa Fe pizza. Their topping is generous, and good grade.
      The Conductor pizza is quite unique. Their website is www.pizzadepot.org.

      It's in the shopping complex where Arco's gas station is located.

        1. www.missionpizza.com/online_coupon.htm
          Mission Pizza & Pub 510-651-6858
          1572 Washington Blvd. Fremont, CA 94539

          1. I like mission pizza or pizza depot. I used to go to pizza depot with my little league teams as a kid so its got a bit of a piece of my heart for that reason but good pizza too. Mission pizza has been a standby for a long time as well.... now only if runway 32 was still around (for the fremont people who might remember)... loved that place as a kid.

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              OMG, we loved Runway 32 pizza. We haven't found a pizza we love as much as that one. We heard that the owner, Joe, has another pizzeria in San Jose, CA somewhere. Does anyone know anything about this?

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                Paulaluap... that would be awesome, I live in San Jose now... anyone know anything about this?

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                  According to this old liquor license info for Runway 32's address, the owner's name was Joe Crisafulli.
                  He doesn't have any current licenses under his own name, but he might be using a different DBA. Maybe that will help you track him down.

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                I worked at Runway 32 for several years - it was the Best Pizza I had ever tasted and I am proud to say I was a pizza cook there. No one can top Joe's pizza sauce and his dedication to making a good pizza - He would train us to make sure the pizza was completely covered with the toppings and only buy the best of ingredients from his suppliers. I expect Joe has retired now he was already a retired navy Pilot when he opened the restaurant - to bad his kids haven't carried the place on ;(

              3. Thank you for your Recs I'll be up for Presidents day/ Chinese/ Vietnamese NEW YEARS In between my Cooking & Pho & Chinese Dishes I'll Try some Pizza!

                1. if you're willing to drive a little further...

                  san ramon has both pizza antica AND zachary's.

                  1. have u tried
                    Vito's Pizzeria
                    39974 Cedar Blvd
                    Newark, CA 94560
                    (510) 440-8010

                    I like Pizza Antica in Santana Row, SJ for their thin crust pizza. It's kinda pricey and small, but good. They are having a special lunch Feb 1-14; 2-course lunch at Pizza Antica and other restaurant for $12.95.