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Help... New Year's Day dining on NE Eve...

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Hi there,

Looking for dinner for a party of seven... a touch upscale but not breaking the bank...

Last year did we Rivoli in Berkeley but they don't have room for 7 people at that time this year...

Any suggestions, anywhere from Dublin to Berkeley...

Would prefer no Chinese or Indian...

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  1. confused.. is this for new years day or new years eve?

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        1. re: Maya

          Try opentable.com. First use a party size of 2, then switch it to 7 and if your top choices are dropped from the list, phone them.

        2. re: golooraam

          My post keeps getting deleted.
          Looking at Open Table for NY Day 1/1/07, I suggest you try Lark Creek Walnut Creek, Il Fornaio Walnut Creek, or Kincaids Oakland. I hope you have a great time out.

      1. An abbreviate Ideas list as my first post must have been too self-promoting...

        Cafe Esin San Ramon
        Lark Creek Walnut Creek
        Mezze Oakland
        All are on opentable but you would probably do best to call.

        Enjoy the night!