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Dec 28, 2006 05:18 AM

Le Creuset pate terrine

Aside from pate, what else do you use this for? I got one for Xmas and I need some ideas.

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  1. That's all I've used mine for so far ... can't think of anything else off hand, so look forward to hearing other suggestions.

    1. I bake cocktail-sized bread loaves in it, have also poached small fish in the LC terrine. It has doubled as a mold in a pinch as well as baked mini meat loaves -- but that isn't a very large stretch from the original intent. I do use it for both traditional hot and cold mousse-like terrines. If it hadn't been a special gift, I could certainly run my kitchen without it but I enjoy seeing it because I'm reminded of a great trip to Paris.

      1. I cherish mine! Have had it for years and use it constantly for pate, of course. Make one about every two weeks. The Time-Life Good Cooks Series book on Pates and Terrines is inspirational.
        I have also used it for molded side dishes and salads that might have gone into small ring molds, as it is about the same capacity.
        It can work for desserts that you plan to unmold that you want a long, thin shape for but it's tricky.
        Be careful with time so you don't overbake things since the cast iron holds heat for a very long while.
        I have some small serving platters that it unmolds onto nicely that make it easy to garnish. If it's too long for the plate, you can cut it shorter.

        1. How about filling with gravel and growing some narcissus?

          1. There are all kinds of vegetable terrines you can make: asparagus, green bean, red pepper, layered with some kind of mousse. The possibilities are endless.