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Dec 28, 2006 04:33 AM

ALE in L.A.?

I just returned from SF with a bottle of Belgium ale -- Gouden Carolus "grand cru of the emperor."


Where can I find more stuff this? By that I mean rare special brews that are perfect for drinking when you're hiding inside from high winds. I live in Silver Lake but will travel.

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  1. Try Bevmo, Whole Foods, Vendome, Valley Beverage, Wine Warehouse, Red Carpet and sometimes, believe it or not Trader Joe's

    1. Drink On Premises & Take Home (= most likely)
      The Stuffed Sandwich - San Gabriel - $?? (2nd from bottom, left column)

      Drink On Premises Only?
      Lucky Baldwins - Pasadena - $16 (750 ml

      Naja's Place - Redondo Beach Pier - $18 (750 ml

      Not Listed on Their Web-Menus
      Bev Mo, WineHouse, Wally's

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      1. re: JBC

        I gotta say, naja's is quickly becoming a new fave of mind. If you get in good with the owner, who is also a homebrewer, he might let you sample some off-the-menu-board stuff in his special collection!

      2. Bottle Rock has some sick beers... Belgian style, but produced in Canada, I think....around $10.00/bottle, but they are huge and at least double the alcohol content.
        Fin Du Monde is at least one label I remember having.

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        1. re: peanut112

          Well, if you're looking for some suds to knock your socks off, I style of beer that carries a high alcohol content and is found in several supermarkets is Imperial or Russian Imperial Stout. And by coinsidence, I happened to pick up a bottle of:

          "Czar Imperial Stout" from Avery Brewing at 11.04%

          at Whole Foods yesterday.

          1. re: peanut112

            Frankly, I drink beer for flavor, not alcohol content. I grew out of the "seeking the hefty alcohol" beers a long time ago. Not that I don't enjoy a barleywine or small glass of Utopia now and again, as well as Epic, or any of the "high gravity" beers..but some beers are for sipping, so be warned. Why bother enjoying a well made brew if you can't remember it the next day?

            You can find high alcohol content easy in some belgians and other styles, but be sure to go for taste, not getting blotto.

          2. Those are great. I picked one up the other day at, of all places, Ralph's in Silver Lake, which has a small but good beer selection.

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