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ALE in L.A.?

I just returned from SF with a bottle of Belgium ale -- Gouden Carolus "grand cru of the emperor."


Where can I find more stuff this? By that I mean rare special brews that are perfect for drinking when you're hiding inside from high winds. I live in Silver Lake but will travel.

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  1. Try Bevmo, Whole Foods, Vendome, Valley Beverage, Wine Warehouse, Red Carpet and sometimes, believe it or not Trader Joe's

    1. Drink On Premises & Take Home (= most likely)
      The Stuffed Sandwich - San Gabriel - $?? (2nd from bottom, left column)

      Drink On Premises Only?
      Lucky Baldwins - Pasadena - $16 (750 ml

      Naja's Place - Redondo Beach Pier - $18 (750 ml

      Not Listed on Their Web-Menus
      Bev Mo, WineHouse, Wally's

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        I gotta say, naja's is quickly becoming a new fave of mind. If you get in good with the owner, who is also a homebrewer, he might let you sample some off-the-menu-board stuff in his special collection!

      2. Bottle Rock has some sick beers... Belgian style, but produced in Canada, I think....around $10.00/bottle, but they are huge and at least double the alcohol content.
        Fin Du Monde is at least one label I remember having.

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          Well, if you're looking for some suds to knock your socks off, I style of beer that carries a high alcohol content and is found in several supermarkets is Imperial or Russian Imperial Stout. And by coinsidence, I happened to pick up a bottle of:

          "Czar Imperial Stout" from Avery Brewing at 11.04%

          at Whole Foods yesterday.

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            Frankly, I drink beer for flavor, not alcohol content. I grew out of the "seeking the hefty alcohol" beers a long time ago. Not that I don't enjoy a barleywine or small glass of Utopia now and again, as well as Epic, or any of the "high gravity" beers..but some beers are for sipping, so be warned. Why bother enjoying a well made brew if you can't remember it the next day?

            You can find high alcohol content easy in some belgians and other styles, but be sure to go for taste, not getting blotto.

          2. Those are great. I picked one up the other day at, of all places, Ralph's in Silver Lake, which has a small but good beer selection.

            1. They have a good selection of Belgian beers at Cap N' Cork, on Hillhurst and Prospect in Los Feliz.

              Here's a link to their webpage, which lists the Belgian beers they carry:


              1. silverlake wine has ales.

                1. Check out The Wild Hare, on the Eagle Rock / Highland Park border. They offer a great beer selection that always includes some Belgian ales. Decent food, too.

                  The Wild Hare
                  5018 York Blvd. (Cross Street: Avenue 50)
                  Los Angeles, CA 90042
                  (323) 982-9068

                  1. There is a british sports type pub in old town pasadena. I forget the name, but not hard to find, entrance from alley I think. They have several excellent and hard to find Belgian ales on tap. Decent food too.

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                      You're referring to Lucky Baldwins, on Raymond, just south of Colorado. Their 8th Annual Belgian Beer Festival just started this past weekend. 51 Belgian beers on tap, with more to come. http://www.luckybaldwins.com/speciale...

                    2. Try the Beverage Warehouse, 4935 McConnell in Mar Vista. They did carry it, along with at least a dozen other Belgian-style ales other than Chimay (a great line of brews - just the easiest to find) the last time I was there back in November. And if they don't carry what you want, they will try their best to get it. Their grand plan is to rule the beverage world - or at least in Mar Vista...

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                      1. re: bulavinaka

                        hear hear . . .
                        They're service-oriented and they know their stuff too.

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                          I couldn't agree more... one-stop shopping for just about any beverage that is bottled or canned... And a very respectable selection of sodas (with cane sugar), and their wine choices are great when you consider everything else that is going on there... And the staff is eager to help, offer opinions, and very nice... Also helps that Los Angeles Wine Company is just a few doors away to keep everyone on their toes...
                          Don't know if they are still there, but when I was shopping at Bev Warehouse, a guy was just opening up a shop in the same complex - he was selling specialty items he sourced from Tuscany. Had a couple of nice cheeses from there...

                      2. Lucky Baldwins, Sierra Madre & old town Pasadena. On tap. I think the Sierra Madre location has a higher percentage of the Belgians.

                        1. Good Grill on Sunset at the junction has like 200 great brews available. Good food too!

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                            Good does have a great selection of bottled beer. Unfortunately I strongly disagree about the food there. It's the worst food I've had in Silverlake or Los Feliz (disclaimer: there are a couple of places I haven't tried, such as the notorious Mexico City or whatever it's called).

                            Furthermore Good has a poor selection of beer on draft. If I'm gonna settle for bottled beer, I'd just as soon drink it in the back yard.

                            1. re: HPLsauce

                              We call Good...Eh.

                              As in, "do you wanna go to Eh?"

                              1. re: Hershey Bomar

                                I gave up on Good. crap food, crap service and uncomfortable.

                          2. The guy lives in Silverlake and just wants a good beer bottle. You're sending him on a tour of greater LA.

                            Go to Cap 'n Cork on Hillhurst. It's less than 5 minutes away.

                            1. Ditto on the Stuffed Sandwich and Lucky Baldwins!

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                                Stuffed Sandwich has some pretty good bottles! That smoked beer, rauchbier, was cool.

                                And I really liked my sub.

                              2. Has anyone been to Library Bar near 6th & Hope? I hear they have a decent selection of Belgian beers.

                                1. Crown City Brewery in Pasadena - off Raymond (?) and Del Mar - They carry over 100 different kinds of beers, ales, etc. Haven't eaten there in years, but had a wonderful afternoon there this past summer when it was over 100 degrees out but fine inside with some icy cold brews.


                                  1. Library Bar in Downtown LA does indeed have a decent Belgian selection. Most beers are $6 to $7, if memory serves. Nice interior decor. Good article at http://www.downtownnews.com/articles/...