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Dec 28, 2006 04:09 AM

Suggestion for a small Wine Refrigerator


I am looking for a small wine refrigerator. I was thinking of a 6 bottle frige. I live in NYC and space is a premium. I usually don't have more bottles than that at 1 time. I am looking for a really quite one since I live in a studio and will be sleeping in the same room as the refrigerator. I tried the cuisinart 6 bottle frige and it was loud. I had to return it. I found a couple, but I couldn't find any reviews. I was wondering if anyone had any opinions on the following models or any additional models. Thanks

Vinotemp VT6V 6 Bottle Vertical Countertop Wine Cooler Refrigerator

Danby DWC620PL-SC 6 Bottle Wine Cooler - Platinum

Wine Enthusiast Silent 6 Bottle Wine Refrigerator (Platinum)

Haier HVUE06ABS 6 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

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  1. I don't know if wine refrigerators are like this as regular small refrigerators are.. just wanted to mention it's worth checking the noise level... some small refrigerators of the non-wine variety have an annoying if low persistent hum.

    1. I got an 8 bottle wine fridge last year from target, and its silent. They had 2 models and I went back and got the 6 bottle version for my parents for Christmas. It's silent and I believe they set it up it in their bedroom as well.

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        Thanks for the info. Do you happend to know the model number for the target refrigerator.

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          Almost all wine refrigerators sold today, small and very large, are thermoelectric. The vibrations from a traditional refrigerator's compressor will do great harm to the quality of a bottle of wine.

          As themis stated below, if its thermoelectric, it will be silent. That said, don't even consider a wine fridge if it isn't thermoelectric, although I would think its very difficult to find one that isn't.

        2. If it says thermoelectric, it doesn't have a compressor and runs silently. Most of the small ones are thermoelectric -- that Vinotemp is one example.

          1. I think the Danby wine fridges are the best.. They are built with excellent materials, feel good quality, look very nice, and best of all do their job right. They make a very slim (no wider than 1 ft) fridge that holds about 18 bottles. It's fantastic, gorgeous.

            I would say avoid Haier. A friend bought their 14-bottle model and it completely died after 6 weeks. Their service was just about impossible.