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Dec 28, 2006 04:08 AM

Fire at Manka's Inverness Lodge - no more?

Heard a story on the radio about a serious fire at Manka's .... I was busy making dinner so I didn't get all the details but it doesn't sound good for fans of Manka's.

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  1. Totally destroyed. But in an article on SFGate, it says they'll rebuild. It also quotes devotees saying, how can they re-create what was lost?

    1. WOW- this news totally ruins my day. I was planning on booking a weekend there next month...there is simply no substitute. Very sad.

      1. Wow- really sorry to hear that. We stayed there a few months ago and really enjoyed ourselves.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. Fellow Manka's fans. I'm happy to report that Manka's Inverness Lodge lives on! While the historic main lodge building that housed the restaurant and 4 guest rooms was destroyed by fire, gorgeous cabins and other guest rooms are open for business. Chef owners Margaret Grade and Daniel DeLong are valiantly doing all that they can to rebuild and to keep the business going. Please spread the word to help support their efforts.

            I have a weekend cottage just down the lane from Manka's. When I first saw the devastation, I was so upset. But, when I saw the warm glow of lights and fires in the chimneys of the guest rooms over the New Year's weekend, I knew Manka's will be back. Best wishes to Grade and DeLong in their efforts over the coming months to rebuild and bring this gem back to beautiful Inverness. For more information on the fire and the rebuild, check out the following links.


            The fire:

            Remembering Manka's:

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