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Dec 28, 2006 04:03 AM

Texas Sheet Cake

Did anyone save the texas sheet cake recipe that ran in the Washington Post Food Section's staff favorites column over the summer? I want to make it for a NYE party but can't find it anywhere! Thanks! :)

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    1. As a review, it was pretty good but not very chocolatey. I only used Hershey cocoa powder, though, and have heard better quality cocoa would make a difference.

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        Thanks! I thought WashPost was going to make me pay for an archived copy!

        I figured it might not be a rich chocolate cake. Maybe I'll swirl in some mini-chocolate chips for some extra bite.

      2. CHOCONUT I really am very late with a reply BUT I also was looking for the same recipe when I came across your query from Dec. 2006 & of course I became curious Well I googled in W/.Post/recipes/Texas Sheet Cake & I had NO PROBLEM getting in to their site & also their recipe from STAFF FAVORITES Aug. 23 2006 from SYDNEY Australia nearly 3 years later MAYBE YOU SHOULD HAVE Googled them first ANYWAY I HOPE you got the recipe OH