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Dec 28, 2006 03:43 AM

Star Market Peanut Oil (Salinas)

Who knew that Star Market in Salinas packed its own peanut oil? Not me, until I happened to be walking slowly down that aisle. It's $6.99 for a liter, and less per unit in larger volume. No fancy packaging here, and the black and white plain print label is oil-stained. But where it counts, the product itself is fresh and good quality. The cashier told me that they'd had trouble finding good peanut oil for their customers and decided to pack it themselves. I'll buy the bigger size when this one runs out.

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  1. Melanie, what is the fastest way to this center from the freeway? I can see where it is, but easiest access? thanks.

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      Approaching from the north, exit 101 on Laurel Drive, then take a L on Davis, L on Blanco at the light and continue to South Main. It's on the corner. From the south, depending on whether the road work is continuing on the overpass, take the Hwy 68 exit from 101 to Sanborn Road, then to Blanco Road. Both routings take you around the outskirts away from the city streets. Those roads are posted for 45/50mph and have a minimum of signal lights.

      Foodwise, the taqueria in the same strip mall is gringo-ized, but isn't bad. Haven't been there for a couple years. "jaweino" recommends Elli's which is across the street, I haven't tried it yet. Same owners as Hullabaloo and Chicken Scratch Flats.

    2. Not trying to be difficult, but as a Salinas local, thought I'd clarify. Elli's is not owned by the Hullaballo/Chicken Scratch Flats people, (and CSF is now closed.) Haven't eaten there in years (Elli's - so I don't feel qualified to review.) There is a second Elli's iin Monterey, tho.

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        Glad to see you back and posting again. Whatcha been eating?

        Thank you for the correction. I was misinformed. Looked into it and found that Elli's (Salinas and Monterey) have the same owner as Lallapalooza (sic). So, I can see where the confusion might be . . . Hullabaloo . . . Lallapalooza. . . easy to mix up. (g) Please keep us posted on where Chicken Scratch Flats ends up, hear it's looking for a new venue.

        I was in Star Market today and noticed that it had a selection of various flavors of biscoitos azores from Portuguese Bakery in Santa Clara. And I saw the Kyocera knives that someone else had mentioned. Goes to show that keeping your eyes peeled there is bound to turn up something interesting and often unexpected.

      2. Hadn't seen Star's own pack of peanut oil for many months, but it reappeared on the shelves last week. All gone when I checked again on Monday, presumably snapped up by turkey-frying folks. But the shelf is full again this afternoon when I stopped by this afternoon for a few last minute things, should you need more.

        Happy T-day!

        Star Market
        1275 S Main St, Salinas, CA 93901