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Wonton Noodles @ Silver Garden Restaurant (SF)

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Initially attracted to this spot by the "dim sum" banner outside, I ended up ordering wonton noodles, $4.95, for lunch instead. Small dumplings with a filling of one whole shrimp and seasoned ground pork peeked out from under a floating layer of near-raw Napa cabbage. Thin egg noodles were less than firm. Clean-tasting, pale-colored chicken stock was fine but the whole bowl was too boring and bland. Hard to compete with Win's.

Image of wonton noodle soup -

About half the room seemed to be enjoying dim sum and the larger tables had the wo choy menu. Dim sum is ordered from a check-off list, starting at $2 per plate. Anyone tried it here?

Silver Garden Restaurant
2571 San Bruno Ave.
San Francisco

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