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Dec 28, 2006 02:38 AM

house cured meats in Brooklyn

I have some spare time tomorrow/Friday and wanted to make some trips south (Bay Ridge, Bensonhurst) for salumi and such. Want to visit 3Guys as well, so we'll see.

Any recommendations. One of the trusted voices recommended Coluccio ( some time ago. is that good option? Any other opinions? How about the Faicco's (any different from the Bleeker branch)?


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  1. anu, although this is in Carroll Gardens, I heartily recommend G. Esposito & Sons Pork Store. If you have not tried them, they make an amazing sweet or spicy soppresseta as well as some outstanding dried sausages. A good selection of home made items like fresh and smoked mozz., olives, peppers, tomatoes, etc. is also available in addition to their imported or fresh meat items.


    1. Go to Faicco's and Colucchio and 3 guys you will not be disappointed. I myself can not live without these stores.

      1. Joes Pork store on Ditmars Blvd makes some great dried sausage

        1. Colluccio has great stuff, a visit is highly recommended, but they dont cure their own meats or make their own cheeses.

          You might want to check out the store run by the Royal Crown People in the 90s on 3rd avenue - they have fine stuff and were making their own the last time I heard. Maybe somebody else remembers the name of the shop, west side of the street.

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            Piazza Mercato is what jen kalb is referencing. LOVE THEM!
            92/93rd St on Third Ave, I think 718 513-0071
            love the prosciutto, and the homecure spicy pancetta dripping overhead . .
            look for plastic clamshells of figs grilled in a pizza oven up front: reheat them and die of happiness
            if you like that sort of thing of course : )

            1. re: pitu

              Do they have the figs over there this year?? Theyve stopped selling them in the 14th Ave bakery location. With the nuts inside and the infusion of orange flavor, they are just wonderful.

              thanks for the name - I will try to remember.
              Every time Ive gone in there they have something new and interesting - they really love what they are doing.

              Other italian places to check out in Brooklyn:

              Royal Crown Bakery, 14th Ave nr 66th St
              they have also opened a cafe next to their wholesale bakery, 14th around 63rd (across the street from the little Santa Rosalia church, which some hounds have praised

              Lioni Latticini
              7803 15th Ave at 78th St
              I just rushed through this place at closing once, buying mozzarella (very good) but they had about 5 varieties of lard bread on sale...didint have a chance to check out other offerings.

              1. re: jen kalb

                I've been away for the holidays, but I got the figs there several times this year, so my guess is YES. I dug out the takeout menu for you . . . and see there's a website, mostly undeveloped but with the addresses of all the Royal Crown relations

                thx for the Lioni Latticini tip - never heard of them before

                1. re: pitu

                  thanks everyone. I went to Piazza Mercato and had some tremendously lovely service to go along with the housemade soppresattas (sp?) that were quite nice. Though I want to find a NYC rendition to love, I still find myself in love with the Molinari ( available at Delicacies. But it was a GREAT trip through Bay Ridge and down 86th street.
                  Talk about butcher shops - it seemed like a nice one on EVERY corner!

                  And then 3Guys was pretty surreal. Uzbeki melons? Apricots in December? Every nationality shopping together.

                  Lioni next day off!