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Dec 28, 2006 01:51 AM

Does anyone else not like turkey?

I always dread Thanksgiving and Christmas meals because I expect to be subjected to over-cooked turkey. My mother-in-law even managed to make the dark meat dry. Even when it's not dry, I just don't find turkey that tasty. Am I alone in this?

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  1. No, you are not. As a kid I HATED turkey.

    Most people cook turkey all disgusting and overcooked....ick!

    I always prefer ham.

    1. I hate turkey so much that one year I made roast chickens for thanksgiving dinner... I do it just the one meal a year and for all other holidays it is ban from my table! It is like eating sawdust. I really think that roasting chickens are so much tastier and juicy...

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        I don't hate turkey, but I do think roast chicken is much better. Last thanksgiving I couldn't figure what was wrong with our turkey until I realized that the only thing wrong with it was that it wasn't chicken

      2. I love turkey. Send your (kosher) uneaten turkey to me, please :)

        1. Capon for Thanksgiving and a goose for Christmas. Turkey is one of my least favorite dishes.

          1. On Thanksgiving I make roasted chicken and on Christmas I make ham. I do this to avoid having turkey. I only tasted a truly delightful turkey once.....