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Does anyone else not like turkey?

I always dread Thanksgiving and Christmas meals because I expect to be subjected to over-cooked turkey. My mother-in-law even managed to make the dark meat dry. Even when it's not dry, I just don't find turkey that tasty. Am I alone in this?

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  1. No, you are not. As a kid I HATED turkey.

    Most people cook turkey all disgusting and overcooked....ick!

    I always prefer ham.

    1. I hate turkey so much that one year I made roast chickens for thanksgiving dinner... I do it just the one meal a year and for all other holidays it is ban from my table! It is like eating sawdust. I really think that roasting chickens are so much tastier and juicy...

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        I don't hate turkey, but I do think roast chicken is much better. Last thanksgiving I couldn't figure what was wrong with our turkey until I realized that the only thing wrong with it was that it wasn't chicken

      2. I love turkey. Send your (kosher) uneaten turkey to me, please :)

        1. Capon for Thanksgiving and a goose for Christmas. Turkey is one of my least favorite dishes.

          1. On Thanksgiving I make roasted chicken and on Christmas I make ham. I do this to avoid having turkey. I only tasted a truly delightful turkey once.....

            1. I can almost enjoy turkey dark meat if it's not overcooked and accompanied by a lot of good gravy. The white meat is repulsive, even when cooked properly, which is just about never. I usually end up cooking the big holiday meals for the extended family and always try to serve something, anything, else - but every few years or so I get talked into cooking a turkey. I always regret it. We had rack of lamb for Christmas - it was excellent.

              1. I think roasted turkey is one of the most overrated foods in the world.

                1. I've had excellent turkeys before, usually brined and out of a smoker...so I guess I'm into obliterating that "Turkey" flavor (?).

                  I wish goose was as inexpensive on the holidays...

                  1. I don't much like turkey. But I've found that the heirloom or free range turkey have a lot more flavor than the run of the mill, and if you cook it right, are actually tasty, succulent and juicy.

                    But I can understand how a previously frozen, overcooked turkey can turn people off turkey for life.

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                      One of these days I plan on swinging the loot to buy an heirloom turkey. It seems expensive but entirely worth it.

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                        Even the free range from Whole Foods was pretty flavorful. But it was still kind of pricey (I thought ours was $70 for 7 pounds last Thanksgiving).

                    2. Turkey is not at the top of my list for sure. We always have it on Thanksgiving because it's traditional, but that is usually the only time all year. We never have it on Christmas. Usually we have a top-of-the-line roast beef.

                      1. I've come to the conclusion that I don't really like turkey per se. I like a plate of turkey slathered in gravy, with stuffing and lots of cranberry sauce (all homemade).

                        It's really the wine and the accouterments that make the meal, and it's the family that breaks it (just kidding, I think).

                        1. Turkey is ok, if cooked right, but as far as going out of my way to get one... never! It took me 3 years to get rid 3 whole turkeys given from past employment gifts.

                          About the best turkey meal I had was when a buddy deep fried several birds up. Of course I probably enjoyed the Bud (beer) better than the bird. I was probabably the one over in the corner acting like Bam-bam with a turkeysaurus drum stick. ;-)

                          1. Turkey drumsticks and thighs are OK, though on the drumstick you need to fight past the tendons and other underbrush. Turkey WINGS, however, are glorious, even if you do need to pick up the outer two joints and gnaw the meat off.

                            At the late lamented Second Avenue Deli, I used to get a giant turkey wing with egg barley (a kind of noodle) and kasha, with their wonderful gravy. Ambrosial.

                            I hate all white meat: turkey breast, chicken breast, and the juiceless, fatless white styrofoam marketed as pork.

                            Gimme duck any day.

                            1. 99% of poultry is overcooked, making it dry and almost inedible. Turkey is particularly susceptible to overcooking as people only cook it once or twice a year, and they are afraid of making guests sick.
                              High quality turkey, roasted to a healthy pink, is positively divine. Sadly, many people go their entire lives without ever eating a properly cooked bird.

                              1. I not only don't like turkey, I don't like pumpkin, cranberry anything, yams or sweet potatoes. Pretty much the whole Thanksgiving menu is an enormous waste of calories for me. I'm hoping one of these days I'll taste a deep-fried turkey or a perfect turducken and be transformed into a turkey lover.

                                1. El Puerco, please try brining your turkey next time, you'll
                                  be pleasantly suprised...

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                                    I believe that's it's possible to make a tasty turkey, but with all the great dishes I can make with pork, chicken, or beef, at lower cost, I don't see trying turkey soon. I actually smoked two 4 lb. pork shoulders for that same meal after brining for 4 days. There was lots of turkey left over and not much pork.

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                                      is it just i or are you contradicting your original post?

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                                        My original post was aimed towards the inability of people within my holiday social circle to cook a tasty turkey and that most people seem to like it. I wondered if people actually like turkey or do they just associate it with good times with loved ones.
                                        The second post was to acknowledge my belief in brining (and boast about my recent success with it) while explaining that there are many things I'd rather cook than turkey. I may try a brined and deep-fried breast some day and will post the results.
                                        As for holidays, I can only imagine the look on my mother-in-law's face if I suggested she brine the turkey, or worse, if I offered to cook it. She thinks she does a great job. How could I burst that sweet lady's bubble?
                                        This thread was not intended to disparage turkey or it's fans. I know I'd get my back up if someone started trash-talkin' pork. Mmmmmm... pork.

                                  2. Here's how I feel about Turkey:


                                    I Love Stuffin' however! YUM!! :)


                                    1. I can't stand the usual dried-out turkey that my family (and the in-laws, for that matter) tend to serve - it's sad, 'cause my family seems to think that they make great turkey (smoked on a Weber is the preferred cooking method) and so all of our family get-togethers feature the dratted thing (with dry turkey sandwiches the next couple of days). Ugh.

                                      When we first met, my S/O announced that while he was willing to eat/try most anything, he absolutely did NOT like turkey.

                                      But now not only does he eat turkey, he actually requests that I make it, on occasion. I've not-yet-failed methods for making a moist, tasty bird.

                                      1 - I inject at least 2-cups of an injection/basting broth (turkey broth, steeped with whole garlic cloves, fresh sage, fresh thyme, fresh rosemary, then strained and cooled to room temp. - also used as "moistener" in my stuffing/dressing) into the breast meat before roasting

                                      2 - I roast the bird breast-side-down for about 3/4 of the total cooking time, so that the natural juices end-up in the white meat (turned breast-side-up for the last bit of cooking so that the breast skin browns - more for presentation that flavor)

                                      1. My Grandfather hated Turkey and he lived to 98 without eating it... Maybe that says something. Me did a large beer can chicken for Christmas since it was jsut the 2 of us

                                        1. Me. Liked it growing up but am t-i-r-e-d of it and only will eat it at Thanksgiving. . .

                                          1. The only turkey I find palatable is the heritage bird we brine and smoke every year at Thanksgiving. It's so good we usually do another in spring or summer. Every other turkey I've tasted is an abomination.

                                            1. My husband is averse to poultry in all forms. Luckily (I guess) our family is all out of town & the friends we spend holidays with are open to trying other stuff - this year we had tapas for TG. Sometimes I can get him to eat roast chicken if there's lots of garlic, rosemary and maybe prosciutto involved, otherwise, fuhgeddaboudit.