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Dec 28, 2006 01:11 AM

Any rock solid dinner choices left?

So here's the question - What's your rock solid, sure shot pick for a solid dinner in Manhattan? I'm talking consistant, you leave feeling good about life (rather then say, sick with a bad taste in your mouth, and feeling ripped off). I just want good food foor goodness sakes. I'm not interested in deconstructed "new tastes", just some place who can get the old tastes right, and serve them properly. So ideally, nowhere too reliant on new american or pan-fusion-whatever.

Here's the reason I ask: My mother is in town, and literally every meal we've had has been a horrible experience. We usually splurge, visit our favorites, and of course, try to find new places that will become our new favorites...and when we love something we pass the word on.

Well... I don't know what's going on here, but we can't find a single decent dinner. All the places we used to love, and that I've suggested to people have been horrible this time around. Portions have changed, presentation has changed, classic menu items are missing, value has decreased, service is absurdly rude, etc. I'm not talking about off nights, I'm talking outright lousy.

Has anyone else noticed an increase in mediocre dining here? I'm beginning to think the trend is more hype, less quality.

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  1. I take it back - we actually had fine meals at Blue Smoke, and Molly's... but I wouldn't call either "consistant".

    1. The answer to your dilemma is....Hearth.

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        Just the type of answer I was looking for, thank you!

        Will check that out.

      2. I've had pretty consistent meals at Mooncake Foods. Yes it's out of the way for most people. But the food is good enough that I've made multiple trips to try different items on the menu. Honey-soy chicken wings and miso glazed salmon top my list.

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          It's funny, this place has not been mentioned in so long I assumed it was not there anymore, I thought I had totally missed out. Thanks jeannious!

        2. Red will be treated well...the crowd will neither be too old nor too young...the menu is familiar and the food will always be very good...whether serious meat and potato eater, fish lover or vegetarian, all will be happy here

          1. Hearth is a good idea. I also really like Blue Ribbon Bakery. The restaurant is small, cozy, and unpretentious. It is what is it is, and the service is gracious. I always leave just feeling good.